Xbox One S Price Drop Announced | Beyond Entertainment


With the reveal of their next big console looming, Microsoft has decided to cut the price of select Xbox One S 500GB bundles to $249 and 1TB bundles to $299. The announcement came via a Tweet by the Xbox Twitter account and has been met with an overall positive reaction.

Microsoft has been steadily dropping the prices of the “Xbox One family” when a new one comes out or a feature is unbundled (such as the Kinect being unpaired from the original Xbox) and the price drop has renewed the speculation on the price of the Project Scorpio Xbox. While most Xbox fans are hoping for a price between $399 – $499, Phil Spencer has hinted previously that it will be a, “premium priced product.”

To find out the price for the next flagship console, tune into the Xbox E3 press conference starting 5pm EST.

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