Xbox One July Update Released | Beyond Entertainment


Earlier this week, several long-awaited additions to the Xbox Live experience were rolled out to the public, as well as mobile support for several features, such as the looking-for-group search.

The first change is that custom pictures will now be available to use for gamers. These pictures can be used for Gamerpics or Club profiles and backgrounds. Images can be imported onto your Xbox from the console itself, a Windows 10 PC or a mobile phone through the Xbox app.

The next major addition is the co-streaming feature. Co-streaming will allow multiple players to stream their games together, creating one multi-POV stream for viewers. Clubs have also had a Mixer tab added so other member can see who’s streaming.

For players who have multiple other players in their home who also use different controllers, profile-linked controllers have also been introduced. Controllers can have a specific profile attached to them, so when that controller is used, the linked profile becomes automatically signed in. This feature can be found under the “Sign-in, Security, Passkey” section of the Xbox settings.

Xbox Live’s built in tournament organizer, Arena, has also received an update. User-generated tournaments have been introduced, allowing players to set up tournaments for anyone who is in the same Club as the organizer. The “Bracket” tab of a Club also will show the results of any final and ongoing tournaments. Unfortunately, despite the Arena feature being announced at E3 2016, the feature is still only open to Killer Instinct players.

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Source: Xbox