Xbox November Games With Gold Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


2017’s biggest gaming releases are just around the corner, and as we head into the holiday season, gamers are going to have plenty of new toys and experiences to enjoy. As always, a new month not only means new game releases, but new free games from Xbox Live as well. Here’s the four free games you can pick up this month for the Xbox November Games with Gold!


Xbox One

Trackmania Turbo: November 1 – 30

Ubisoft’s Trackmania is a high-speed racing game that features over 200 playable courses, dynamic soundtracks, as well as fun and unique multiplayer modes. It will be available for the entire month of November on Xbox One!

Tales From The Borderlands: November 16 – December 15

All five episodes of Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands are available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the coming weeks. This interactive comedy adventure set in the world of Gearbox’s Borderlands is sure to delight with action and story combined.

Xbox 360

Nights Into Dreams: November 1 – 15

Nights Into Dreams, from developer Sonic Team, has become one of the most acclaimed platforms of all time. Play its 2012 release on Xbox 360 or Xbox One for free throughout the first half of November!

Deadfall Adventures: November 16 – 30

Deadfall Adventures from The Farm 51 sends players on a first-person action adventure to explore and conquer ancient Egyptian and Mayan ruins. It’ll be free to pick up for Xbox Live Gold at the tail end of the month.

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