Trials Fusion Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Following all the gaming news this week, Ubisoft announced a new Trials game coming out in 2014. Along with the new details, we also got a brand new CGI trailer for Trials Fusion. Below is a snipet about the new game from Ubisoft themselves:

Trials Fusion will also be the biggest, most challenging Trials project we’ve ever undertaken. Our studio has increased dramatically in size over the last year and a half, and for these projects we’re also getting help from a number of Ubisoft studios, particularly Ubisoft Shanghai.

So stay tuned! There’s plenty more information to share, and plenty of other exciting features that will be revealed on the road ahead. Ride on, and we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

As a longtime Trials fan I’m pumped, can’t wait to experience the controller breaking game on the next-gen.

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