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When Titanfall launched, the main complaints about the game was that it was severely lacking content and optimization for a multiplayer-only title. At launch, the game only featured 5 gametypes and many obvious features like the option to rename custom classes, private matches, etc was missing.

In the recent months, Respawn have really stepped up and kept their promise to update Titanfall as much as possible with free content updates, and paid Map DLC.

Titanfall - Frontier's Edge

Yesterday, Respawn released the second DLC for Titanfall called “Frontier’s Edge” – a new map pack which introduced three new play spaces: Dig Site, Export and Haven.

Dig Site: A critical asset on the Frontier, Dig Site is surrounded by sheer rock walls that offer natural protection against air assaults. Titans patrol narrow pathways between giant industrial processing plants while pilots leap overhead to attack from above.

Titanfall - Dig Site

For more information on Dig Site, click here.

Export: An exporting hub built on the side of a mountain, Export recalls the boom-towns of the gold rush from centuries earlier. Focused on close-quarters combat, pilots use this to their advantage to gain speed and height, while titans lock down natural choke points that overlook the town below.

Titanfall - Export

For more information on Export, click here.

Haven: Catering to the Frontier’s wealthy elite, this exclusive beach resort rests on the edge of a massive crater lake. Pilots will utilize the sheer walls of the hotel skyscrapers to gain high ground while titans attack from inside art galleries and luxury restaurants.

Titanfall - Haven

For more information on Haven, click here.

Players can pick the Frontier’s Edge DLC up today for Xbox One and PC (Xbox 360 to follow) for $9.99 on the Xbox Games Store. Game Update 5 also introduced multiple new achievements for the Frontier’s Edge DLC.

Also released alongside the Frontier’s Edge DLC was the fifth Game Update for Titanfall which introduces the previously announced Black Market.

Game Update 5

Black Market

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2014-08-01 04-23-26

The Black Market is a new addition to Titanfall which allows players to use in-game credits to purchase Burn Card packs and other items like insignia’s for their Titan. Players can also sell any Burn Cards they currently own for credits.

Titanfall - Black Market Burn Cards

Respawn has made a promise that these credits will ONLY be available by playing the game. There will NEVER be microtransactions for the Black Market.

Daily Challenges

Titanfall - Daily Challenges

Game Update 5 also sees the introduction of Daily Challenges to Titanfall, offering players bonus XP, credits and burn cards for completing them. Players can have up to 9 daily challenges, with three new ones being added per day.

Various Changes

Titanfall - All The Cards

  • There is now a Gen 1 image which will show up for Gen 1 players in all menus.
  • Campaign and Multiplayer menus now consolidated into one – players can continue to find Campaign games through the “PLAY TITANFALL” menu.
  • Added message when a friendly Pilot with the flag jumps on your Titan in CTF.
  • More robust multi-GPU support. Rejoice! That second GPU shall no longer sit idle. Thanks to NVIDIA for helping on this! (PC Only)


Bug Fixes – All Platforms

Titanfall - Flag Runner

  • Fixed Titan decal unlocks showing up repeatedly.
  • Removed pre-lobby after selecting a game mode, now you will be taken directly to the game lobby.
  • Made wi-fi hacking count towards Spectre leeching for stats / challenges / insignias.
  • Fixed an issue where you could earn enough XP that it would appear to wrap around and reset your level.
  • Nuclear Eject: fixed a rare bug where an invincible Titan would be left roaming around the level because the player died upon ejecting.
  • Lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game.
  • Fixed not being able to shoot at the Titan you are rodeoing when the Titan backs up against a wall and looks upwards.
  • Fixed many cases of incorrect or missing impact sounds from explosions including Arc Cannon fire and Cluster Rockets.
  • Fixed a server issue when players used the Rematch burn card in areas where they would get stuck.
  • Fixed a case of getting a double lock-on with the Archer.
  • Fixed an annoying case of the party chat icon not appearing.
  • Fixed a case where parties could be split up.
  • Fixed text overlap on controller layout menu.
  • Fixed some kills/events not counting towards progress on challenges, achievements, or decals.
  • Capture The Flag: fixed being able to call in your Titan as the sides were being switched.


Bug Fixes – PC Only

titanfall screenshot

  • Fix for 120/144hz monitors to use the desktop refresh rate for max fps when vsync is disabled or when in windowed mode.
  • Fixed weapon fire rate being different when running > 60 fps.


That’s all for Titanfall for now. Be sure to follow @Respawn and @Titanfallgame on Twitter for the latest news about the game.

Source: Respawn