Titanfall Devs to Create New, Canon Star Wars Game | Beyond Entertainment


Among all the May the 4th Star Wars day celebrations, video game studio Respawn Entertainment relaunched their website and announced development of a new Star Wars project. Founded in 2010 by Jason West and Vince Zampella, former top developers of the Call of Duty series at Infinity Ward, Respawn has previously created Titanfall and is currently working on the sequel Titanfall 2. The new Star Wars game will be a third-person action/adventure experience with no release date announced yet.

Star Wars EA

Lucasfilm, after redefining the existing Extended Universe and creating the distinction between older Legends and future Canon media, confirmed in 2014 that all future video game releases would fall into the Star War’s franchise’s New Canon. Stig Asmussen’s official release statement encourages the canonicity of the upcoming game with statements suggesting that the studio seeks to add to the expanding Star Wars universe in a way that still preserves the integrity of the existing legacy. Respawn Entertainment’s full announcement can be read here.

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