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UPDATE 3: According to GamesRadar, David Wightman of Respawn Entertainment announced that all maps and gamemodes for Titanfall 2 will be FREE while speaking at the EA Play event.

“We’ll definitely be supporting Titanfall 2 post-launch, and I can confirm all maps and modes we deliver post-launch will be free. We’ll be talking more about post-launch plans closer to release so stay tuned for more info,”

UPDATE 2: Here’s the brand new multiplayer trailer for Titanfall 2!

UPDATE 1: EA and Respawn have now released the official single player trailer that was accidentally leaked earlier today in HD.

In April we saw first our first glimpse of Titanfall 2 in the form of a teaser trailer. Today at the Electronic Arts E3 Pre-Show test they showed off more of Titanfall 2 with the very first gameplay reveal video for their upcoming single player campaign.

Titanfall 2 Screenshot 1

Wario64 caught whim of the stream and posted various gifs from the single player trailer, check them out below!

Users on NeoGAF also captured some of the trailers new footage with the following screenshots:

Titanfall 2 Screenshot 2 Titanfall 2 Screenshot 3 Titanfall 2 Screenshot 4

Titanfall 2 will be releasing on October 28th, 2016 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. For those keeping track, that’s only a week after Battlefield 1 releases.

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