Titanfall 2 Free Weekend & Angel City DLC Announced | Beyond Entertainment


After concluding their successful launch of Titanfall 2, which was met with a slew of positive reviews, Respawn Entertainment will showcase the game once again to the public via a free-to-play weekend on December 2nd.

Titanfall 2 Screenshot 1

Alongside the free weekend, Respawn and EA will release the first Titanfall 2 DLC—Angel City’s Most Wanted. The DLC brings back Angel City, a fan favorite map from the original Titanfall, and will also include a multitude of new gameplay opportunities and customization options. Fans will be able to get their hands on this new content when the update drops on December 3rd.

It is also worth noting that all multiplayer progress during the free weekend will be carried over, should one decide to purchase the full game. The free weekend is also available on all of Titanfall 2’s platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin on PC

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