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Published: May 26, 2019
Author: Beyond Staff
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Welcome, TEKKEN 7 competitors, to Beyond Tournaments and the ASTRO Path to TEKKEN Masters circuit! To get you up to speed and ready to battle through bracket, we’ve created the TEKKEN 7 Player Guide to explain the tournament platform, tournament procedures, and important info before competing in an event!
To play in Beyond Tournaments you must have a Beyond account – sign up for free now! All tournaments are free to enter, and the ASTRO Path to TEKKEN Masters series is limited to the North American region.
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Here is a collection of important resources and links to guide you through bracket:


Q: How do I play my matches? / How do I join my opponent?
A: View the tournament bracket (link above) and locate your opponent. The higher seeded player is responsible for opening a private player match in TEKKEN 7 and setting the proper match rules (link above). They must then invite their opponent from the private lobby. The lower seeded player must also seek out their opponent and friend request/message them on PSN to make contact and begin the match.


Q: I can’t find my opponent / my opponent isn’t joining / no contact with opponent
A: If you cannot contact your opponent within 10 minutes of the round start time, submit a dispute ticket from your match details page to report a no show and communicate with admins on-site.


Q: I have a problem with my match / My opponent is causing problems
A: All match disputes such as cheating, incorrect rules/settings, connection issues, and more will be settled via the on-site dispute system. Visit your match details page from your tournament profile and open a dispute ticket to communicate with admins and receive a ruling.


Q: How do I update my PSN ID on my profile?
A: Use this link!
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1) Locate the tournament bracket. Beyond will share the bracket link when it goes live at 7pm EST. Follow us on Twitter and join our tournament support Discord for the fastest updates.


2) Find your match by tracking the bracket or viewing your match details page. You can access each match details page by inspecting your team from My Profile.


3) Contact or invite your opponent. The higher seeded player for each match is responsible for creating a private player match session in TEKKEN 7 and inviting the lower seeded player to the match. The lower seeded player is responsible for contacting their opponent and joining the lobby on time. Additional information regarding attendance, hosting lobbies, and match settings is available within the tournament rules.


4) After playing a Best-of-3 series with the correct rules, both players must report to their match details page on-site to submit the results of the match. Failure to report scores on time will result in a forfeit.
If you run into an error with your match, your bracket, or your opponents, you can contact the Beyond Staff overseeing the tournament by submitting a dispute on your match details page. If you attempt to contact Beyond via Twitter or non-official dispute channels, you may not receive a response immediately. Make sure to use our Discord for tournament help and issues.


Situations where you should submit a dispute include:
  • Opposing player is a no-show for the match
  • Opposing player has incorrect ID / Did not show up on time
  • Opposing player is not cooperating in lobby
  • Connection issues, disconnects, and crashes
  • Questions regarding rules, settings, tournament format, etc.
For the most efficient communication and fastest response, submit a dispute on your match details page and we will work out whatever issues you may have. Additionally, if you can provide video evidence (YouTube, PS4 share, etc.)  of major disputes, it will help speed up our process and get you through the tournament faster!
With this info, you should now be ready to compete in a TEKKEN 7 bracket! For additional support and tournament info, join our Discord server for assistance. Follow us on Twitter for the latest tournament updates and announcements for TEKKEN 7!