Star Wars Battlefront VR Is Releasing This Year | Beyond Entertainment


EA confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront will be heading to PlayStation VR as an exclusive experience to be released in 2016.  With this reveal from EA, they also confirmed that the game will also take advantage of their new Frostbite engine.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot 7

Here is a quote from Chief Executive Officer & Director at EA, Andrew Pl Wilson.

“Our unparalleled Frostbite engine will power more of our games this year, including an all-new Star Wars Battlefront experience for PlayStation VR,”

Although that is all the details that have been released at this, there is expected to be more information to come during either PlayStation’s or EA’s E3 Presentation.

The PlayStation VR is set to release in October of this year for $399. Click here more information on the PlayStation VR. Discuss all things Star Wars Battlefront over on our Forums!


Source: VRfocus