Star Wars Battlefront – Turning Point Mode Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


Star Wars Battlefront’s release has been one of the largest game releases of the year, and is an awesome experience for Star Wars fans everywhere. As some of you may already be aware, a new expansion is set to drop for all Battlefront players in December: The Battle of Jakku.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot 13

The new release will also mark the introduction of a new mode for Battlefront – Turning Point.

The mode pits Rebels (Attackers) against control points and objectives that Empire (Defenders) soldiers must defend. Rebels can chip away at territories slowly, as the capture timer will never reset, and if one of three points is captured, new points will open up.

Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku

This mode can be compared to mode’s like Invasion/Warzone Assault from Halo, or Rush from Battlefield. The goal of the Defenders is to hold back the enemy players, the goal of the Attackers – to capture points and eventually take down the Empire base.

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