Star Wars Battlefront 2 Progression and Loot Changes Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


With the conclusion of the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta in early October, one of the near universal complaints of those who sunk hours into DICE’s new title were regarding the game’s progression system. Many players felt that the game’s microtransaction was too close to being a pay-to-win system, similar to those found in many free-to-play games. After the close of the beta, DICE confirmed that they would return to the progression system in response to feedback prior to the launch of the game. They recently elaborated on this in their developer blog.

Firstly, Epic Star Cards, which are the highest tier available at launch, will no longer be available through the crate system. These cards will be primarily available through the game’s crafting system but can also be found in pre-order, starter and deluxe packs.

Secondly, crafting these Epic cards will not be available to players as soon as they start off the game. Players will have to reach a certain in-game rank before crafting this tier of Star Cards becomes possible. DICE stated that this solves the problem of players purchasing multiple crates, scrapping the contents for crafting parts and crafting powerful cards.

Next, DICE talked about weapons. Only a select few weapons will be available via crates. The vast majority will only be available through gameplay. For example, if a player wants a new weapon for their Heavy class, they’ll have to play as a Heavy.

Lastly, DICE have introduced milestones into the progression system. Playing as a certain class for long enough will lead to completing milestones, which will grant crates with class-specific Star Cards and crafting materials.

DICE reiterated that all maps and DLC content will be free for all players. They also added that the progression system will continue to be worked on in response to community feedback. Star Wars: Battlefront II launches on November 17th, 2018. Discuss the game on our forums!