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[Update] Spotify on Xbox One is now available! The app offers simultaneous gaming and music as well as cross-platform controls that allow you to control your Xbox App with a device such as a smartphone. The app is available for both Premium and free Spotify users.

Spotify on Xbox One

[Original Story] The popular music streaming application Spotify will soon make its way to the Xbox One.  It is currently being tested internally at Microsoft.  Nearly two years ago, Spotify was released to PS3 and PS4, and many Microsoft fans were wondering if the app would make its way to the Xbox. Microsoft has yet to talk about the application release officially, but in Major Nelson’s recent “this week on Xbox” video, Spotify was seen being used.

Spotify for Xbox One will play music in the background while playing video games, but some features will not be available that other devices to support.  Those features include offline playback, music videos, and full screen visuals.  One big plus is that you will be able to control your Spotify via the mobile app for iOS and Android.  Once an official release date is announced we will be sure to let you know.

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Source: TheVerge / MSPowerUser