Skyrim: Special Edition Free To Play Weekend Announced For Xbox One | Beyond Entertainment


Because it simply refuses to leave the gaming lexicon for more than five or six minutes, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is free to play on Xbox One this weekend. Starting today and ending Sunday night, Xbox Live Gold Members can download and access the game as part of their Free Play Days program.

Also, Skyrim Special Edition is 50% off through September 18! Seriously, how do you not already own this game? Explore the lands, loot dungeons, and steal sweet rolls to your heart’s content. Any achievements you earn during the free-play period are retained if you later decide to purchase, so give it a shot.

Six years after its initial release, this game simply refuses to stop making money. We don’t even know when it’s coming to Switch, but it’s slated for Holiday 2017. IGN got some hands-on at PAX West and it apparently runs well, looks great in handheld mode, and the load times are faster than than original version. Check out the up-res’d version on Xbox One this weekend or take an arrow to the knee on literally any other platform.

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Source: Xbox Wire