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With majority of video games, sales numbers are much better during the first few months of release, and then begin to slow down as time goes on.  Developer Pyonix’s Rocket League is doing the exact opposite.  Forbes has reported that since it’s launch in July of 2015, Rocket League has sold more than 5 million copies.  These numbers do not even include the free downloads from the PlayStation Plus promotion last July.

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This puts Psyonix’s total revenue at more than $110 million for a game that cost just $2 millon to create.  Just back in December, Psyonix announced Rocket League’s revenue had reached nearly $50 million.  Rocket League did release on the Xbox One in February which certainly helped with sales numbers, but these figures are still amazing.  

Combining all lifetime players from Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Rocket League has seen over 15 million people enjoy the game.  “Our numbers are actually going up, not down,” Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham told Forbes, “which is not very common for a game that’s ten months old.”

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Rocket League has continually found ways to keep the game fresh by releasing new game modes, vehicles, cosmetic items, and also finding ways for people to play together. Just last week Psyonix made it possible for cross-platform play for Xbox One users and PC users.

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Source | Polygon