Rocket League Autumn Update Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Today Psyonix revealed everything shipping in the “Autumn Update” for Rocket League and the community has much to be excited about. One of the biggest issues Psyonix is addressing are goalposts. With the update Psyonix is introducing transparent goal posts which has been at the top of the community feedback list for years.

Much like other updates this one is highlighted by a new map called “Farmstead” but unlike other updates this one is “seasonal” meaning that it will presumably come and go after a certain period of time. Like its name suggests the map is set around a farm in the countryside and will be available in all playlists.

The bulk of the update comes in the way of new free drops (90 to be exact), the introduction of “decryptors” which allow you to unlock crates for free, a new crate called the “Accelerator Crate,” a new import battle-car called the Jager 619 RS, and limited time events that will have in game drops.

The update is a solid one, but the fun does not stop there as Psyonix has added new features in the game such as an overhaul of the in game blog, a new director mode, a LAN client, and player banners. To celebrate the introduction of player banners, Psyonix has created animated dragon themed player banners that get more intricate based on your season reward rank from season five. When the update drops all ranks will feature a soft reset and season six will begin.

Beyond this update, Rocket League will see some major features such as cross platform parties and in game tournaments in beta form on PC at the end of this year and rolled out in 2018.

Rocket League’s Autumn update will roll out for PC, PS4, and Xbox on August 28th, 2017.


Source: Rocket League