Quake World Championship Announced | Beyond Entertainment


After showing off Quake Champions at E3 2016, Bethesda has decided to fully invest into Quake esports with a $1 million tournament at Quake Con in August. Details on the tournament themselves have been provided by the tournament organizer ESL who will be hosting a Duels and 4v4 (Sacrifice) tournaments at Quake Worlds 2017. The tournament will be fed through North America and European region divisons online and culminate in two regionals at the ESL studios in sunny Burbank, California and Leicester, United Kingdom. For any competitors not in either region, their will be a bring your own computer LAN at QuakeCon itself that will allow eight competitors into the Duels tournament giving players from regions such as Asia or Australia a chance to compete without facing issues such as a high ping.

In addition to the 4v4 tournament, Bethesda announced an “E3 update” to the Quake Champions closed beta including three new arenas, Wolfenstein lead character BJ Blazkowicz, a new weapon called the Tri-bolt, and some much needed fixes to the game. The most notable part of the trailer gameplay wise was the new character BJ Blazkowicz who is able to dual wield which defintely be an interesting addition to the sandbox. The new arenas are: Lockbox an Ithagnal themed arena, Blood Run a Volkerh themed arena tuned for Duels, and Corrupted Keep a Goroth themed arena tuned for Duels.

The update brings some much needed features for esports such as custom games and a spectator mode which should allow pros and potential pros to set up scrims and even amateur tournaments. As of this writing Bethesda has released the E3 update which is roughly 12 GB in size.

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