PUBG Passes 10 Million Sold Copies | Beyond Entertainment


The success story for Early Access title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues as it recently hit 10 million units sold. This year has only been meteoric for PUBG since its release in March. Every month seems to be a new type of concurrent players record or sales factoid that shatters industry expectations. Data from Steam Spy posted on Twitter shows just how significant of a phenomenon PUBG poses, check out the chart below.

When looking at the chart, we see PUBG as a clear outlier when comparing to other non-Valve titles. The trend is typically a splash at launch followed by a trickling of players until a plateau of sorts is reached for daily activity. Of course, some games drop off completely. Right now, it’s tough to say how far this Early Access version of a 2018 retail release can go before plateauing. There’s already a competitive scene; the Twitch following has a consistency that isn’t seen with many games; and a version of PUBG is set to hit the Xbox platform before 2017 is out.

Buckle in, and don’t get out until you come to a complete stop. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available via Steam for $29.99 USD. Have you played PUBG yet? Discuss it on our forums!


Source: Polygon