Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Announced for Xbox One | Beyond Entertainment


At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Player Unknown himself, Brendan Greene, announced that the PC smash hit Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds would be coming to console exclusively on Xbox One. The game is an example of the “Battle Royale” genre, where players fight each other on one map until only one is left standing. Check out the first trailer of Battlegrounds for Xbox One!

The announcement, while previously rumored, has caught many off guard and marks a big opportunity for the Xbox One X to diversify its console exclusive lineup.

Ever since launching the game has been a smash hit on the game streaming website Twitch where it has consistently remained in the top five due to its addicting gameplay and dramatic endings. Recently Battlegrounds has found an esports audience after supplanting H1Z1 as the dominant Battle Royale shooter and has attracted orgs such as TSM into its ranks. It remains to be seen if esports competition will be announced for the Xbox version of PUBG, but its addition to the lineup is more than welcome.

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