Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility to Xbox One Limitations | Beyond Entertainment


Xbox fans around the world were thrilled when Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced at E3 that the Xbox One would support backwards compatibility for the original Xbox.  At the time, the only details given were that it would be released by the end of 2017 and “The Duke” controller would be making a return.

Since the announcement, no other specifics have been talked about until just this week when Spencer made some comments via Twitter.

“Most OG Xbox games didn’t have widescreen,” Spencer said when the question came up on Twitter.

“Can’t really easily change the frame buffer aspect ratio on a shipped game from [backwards compatibility]. We run the OG code, so the game will support what the original game supported. Players shouldn’t expect new Xbox Live achievements either, since doing so would only be possible by patching every single classic game.”

This might come as a disappointment to some, but realistically it makes sense.  Given at the time the original Xbox was released, achievements and Xbox Live wasn’t a thing.  Also like Spencer mentioned, majority of the Xbox releases did not have widescreen support considering how new that ratio was.

Thus far, the only games confirmed for backwards compatibility are Crimson Skies and Fuzion Frenzy.  More titles are expected to be announced as we get closer to the release of this feature.


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Source: VG247