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Microsoft is back with another update with tons of new features and tweaks. This time features such as planning achievements you want to get to a return of the Do Not Disturb feature from the Xbox 360 days. Check out the complete list below!

Game hubs in the guide

Now game hub information is available right from the guide. Check on things like upcoming achievements, Looking for Groups posts, and friends currently playing your game without having to leave the action.


Distraction subtraction

Need some “me” time? Set your online status to “Do not disturb,” which suppresses notifications and lets your friends know that maybe it’s time to back off a little.


Plan your achievement attack

Next achievements in the guide lets you target specific achievements to unlock. Sort by close, common, rare, most common rare, and highest gamerscore.


Dark side vs. light side

We’ve added a new option to switch between dark and light themes based on time of day.


More options for inactivity

Previously, you could set your Xbox to turn off after one or six hours of inactivity. We thought we’d give some other numbers a shot. Now you can also choose options for two, three, four, and five hours of inactivity.


Surprise me!

Game Pass offers over 100 games to try out. Can’t decide on one? Roll the dice and select Surprise me! on the Gold & Game Pass flyout in the guide.


Improvements to My Games & Apps

  • If you are a game pass subscriber you will see a ready to install styled area where you can easily download all your Game Pass games
  • Slightly different layout with separators
  • The percentage of game installations is a bit different in this update for example 35.6% instead of 35%
  • You can now see your download progress of new games, updates and that lot via the guide


Community Tab

  • Recent comments will now show at the top



  • Pressing Menu will now bring up system options when My Games & Apps or Home is selected, Game options if you have a game selected and App settings if a App is selected

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Source: Xbox