New Overwatch Hero: Orisa Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


It seems like just yesterday when Blizzard was concluding their long (very… very long) ARG for Sombra, the most recent addition to Overwatch’s cast of playable heroes. For a few ongoing weeks, the Overwatch team has been teasing a new addition to the Overwatch universe, and today they have unveiled their newest creation—another new hero, Orisa.

Orisa joins the ranks of the current Tank heroes in the game, offering defensive and supportive options in Overwatch’s fast-paced multiplayer gameplay.

In Overwatch’s story universe, a mysterious figure has obtained the Doomfist gauntlet and attacked the Numbani airport. A brilliant young mind, Efi Oladele, rebuilt one of the OR-15 defense robots that failed to defend the airport and created Orisa, the newest protector of the city of Numbani.

“Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.”

Orisa’s in-game abilities hybridize tank and support roles for one hero. From defensive energy barriers, to gravity-based projectiles, Orisa has many fun new tools to tinker with.


  • FUSION DRIVER (Basic Attack): A long-range, automatic projectile cannon that slows Orisa’s movement when in use.
  • FORTIFY (Ability #1): Fortify reduces incoming damage and also nullifies abilities that affect actions, such as Roadhog’s hook and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ability.
  • HALT! (Ability #2): Similar to Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Orisa has the ability to fire slow moving projectiles that the player can detonate to pull and slow enemy players.
  • PROTECTIVE BARRIER (Ability #3): Orisa can deploy a stationary energy barrier, similar to Reinhardt’s shield, that will block incoming damage.
  • SUPERCHARGER (Ultimate Ability): Orisa deploys a device that buffs damage for allies within her line of sight.


Orisa is currently available on the Overwatch test server, and will likely be available to the full public in a few weeks. Discuss the newest hero on our forums!