New Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Map Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Microsoft and 343 Industries showed off a brand new Halo 5: Guardians Warzone map through Megablocks… we’re not kidding.

Raid on Apex 7 Megablock Raid on Apex 7 Art 2 Raid on Apex 7 Art 1

The map is simply called “Raid on Apex 7”, and is a spiritual successor to the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign level The Silent Cartographer. This is the biggest map revealed so far for the new game-mode Warzone, that now features 12v12 multiplayer plus AI enemies and allies. Here’s a brief description talking about the new map itself:

“Clearing out the initial Covenant threats and controlling the Forerunner Spire in the center of the island is paramount to a team’s success and provides a central base of operations. If your team loses the Spire, don’t despair; players can use a system of caves or take to the beach to flank the base. Beware of the Covenant though, for they will not let you take this island so easily. They will counterattack and fight to retake their territory. Continue the push for control of the island and take out the opposition’s core… before you awaken something much worse.”

This is the second of the six Warzone maps that will be available at launch. After October, there will be an additional six Warzone maps released for free.

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Source: Gamespot