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If you’re looking for the latest on new Fortnite updates and patch notes, we’ve got you covered. The dedicated team at Epic Games continues to release new updates to their free-to-play battle royale experience. Here’s our ongoing archive of the patch notes from 2018!

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[Patch V.2.4.2]

Release Date: February 8

New Weapon – Crossbow

  • This weapon fires Arrows, which are an unlimited ammo type.
  • Found from floor loot and treasure chests.
  • This weapon comes in both Rare and Epic variants.



  • The Shooting Test #1 Limited-Time Mode has been switched to Solo only.
  • Known Issue: The Shooting Test does not save progression for stats or challenges.
  • Shotgun headshot damage increased to 200% (was 150%).
  • Scoped Assault Rifle is now 100% accurate when zoomed in.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle no longer has damage fall-off.


Bug Fixes
  • Players will no longer slide off rooftops.
  • Fix for Item Shop panels disappearing after completing a V-buck purchase through the Store Tab.
  • Fix for collision inconsistencies in certain basement corners.
  • Fixed a hole in the terrain south of Retail Row.



  • Removed harsh high-frequency sound from the Chomp Jr pickaxe.


[Patch V.2.4]

Release Date: February 1


New Item

Common rarity Minigun, large magazine and efficient against structures/buildings



Suppressed Pistol

  • Reduced drop chances of Rare variant by 20%.
  • Reduced drop chances of Legendary variant by 33%.



Added “Controller Auto Run” option.

  • This enables/disables the auto run feature on controllers.
  • Auto run, which was introduced in v2.3.0, is enabled by double clicking the left thumb stick on controllers.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few landscape areas that were barely below floor height before.
  • This sometimes caused the majority of a structure to appear underground.
  • Players can now shoot through the Soccer goal.



Added “3D Resolution” slider to Video options on PC and Mac.

  • This new preference allows you to set the resolution of the 3D world, without affecting the user interface.
  • The range goes between 640×360 and your selected Display Resolution. Using a lower 3D Resolution may greatly improve frame rate.
  • When selecting an overall Quality option, an appropriate 3D Resolution will be chosen automatically.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash that would get triggered by an audio cue.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from unmuting other players in the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect character model to display on the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing entire walls to highlight when looking at a door.



  • Fixed client hitching which could occur when the Chug Jug was found in game.
  • Made engine performance improvements to how we process collision overlap events.
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage when players are walking, and when they are standing still.




  • Added spectator count UI to the HUD.  This appears in game as a small eye in the lower left corner when there are active spectators.  Better off not knowing?  There is also an option to disable the feature under game options labeled “Show Spectator Count”.



Bug Fixes

  • Removed an unnecessary button prompt on the left side of the news widget.
  • Added a border highlight around item shop tiles when selecting them on consoles.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the old trap picker radial menu to open. This radial menu is no longer used for selecting traps.
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon icons to not display properly on the hotbar in some cases.
  • Fixed a few spots on the map and minimap that were rendered as black spots.
  • Fixed the floor under the hero not showing up when previewing emotes in the locker or item shop
  • Fixed emotes being offset if they were viewed in succession.



  • Optimized the colored rarity effect on weapons and items to improve overall performance.
  • Colors may appear to look slightly different.
  • Corrected the drinking speed animation for the 15-second Chug Jug item.



  • Improved spatialization of loot chest audio by increasing the audio volume if you’re aiming at them.
  • Removed the static audio from living room televisions.
  • Fixed a directional audio issue when another player switches to a shotgun.
  • Removed footstep audio from dance emotes.



  • Fixed the missing collision on a window asset in Tilted Towers.
  • Fixed the landscape appearing jagged at medium-range distances.
  • Fixed flickering artifacts that are sometimes seen on the rivers while riding the Battle Bus.
  • Fixed an issue causing two items to spawn in the same location near Lonely Lodge.
  • Fixed some seams in the terrain south of Anarchy Acres.
  • Disabled the collision on the vines in Moisty Mire.

[Patch V.2.3]

Release Date: January 25

New Item – Chug Jug

  • Only found in chests and supply drops
  • Legendary item, max stack: 1
  • Fully replenishes shields and health (200HP)
  • 15 second cast/drink


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