New Black Ops 3 Game Update Released | Beyond Entertainment


Treyarch’s long standing history of providing content for their existing Call of Duty installment continued today, as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has received a new update that introduces a new map and mode to the nearly three year old game.

Update 1.27 for Black Ops 3 brings the fan-favorite Infected game mode back into players’ hands. Alongside the traditional multiplayer zombies-style game mode, the popular Search and Destroy map Redwood is receiving a visual overhaul in the form of Redwood Snow. Apart from visuals, the two maps don’t seem to have any key gameplay differences at this point.

This update’s release comes as a surprise to many, as Treyarch is set to release the next Call of Duty title—rumored to be Black Ops 4—later this year in Fall 2018. Rumors state that the studio plans to tackle a “near future” setting for their next game, leaving many to wonder if Black Ops 3’s 1.27 update has been released to garner additional anticipation.

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