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WB Games just announced that Middle-earth: Shadow Of War will be delayed until October 10th, 2017, check out the offical announcement below:

A new video was released from GameSpot that shows off Fort Assault gameplay for the upcoming game Middle-earth: Shadow of War.  With Fort Assault the goal is to use your powers to take over Orc controlled fortresses.  In these fortresses, there are control points that must be captured and end bosses that need to be destroyed.  You must lead an army which ranges from captains, to siege beasts, and even dragons.

There are different methods to taken over a fortress.  You can go go all out assault, sending the army straight into battle.  Or can you can take a more subtle approach by planting moles inside before attacking or set up traps around the perimeter.  You also have the power to let your army do your bidding for you while you run around looting and taking a more tactical approach.

All this and more will be coming to Middle-earth: Shadow of War when it drops August 22nd for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.  It is expected that more info will be revealed at E3.

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Source: Gamespot