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The Xbox Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-sensing gaming peripheral, experienced a very unique lifespan, but it has recently been discovered that Microsoft has ended production of the infamous device.

Born in 2010 for the Xbox 360, the Kinect was marketed as a multi-use peripheral for gaming and entertainment. It offered motion capture for immersive and physical gaming, as well as voice recognition for vocal commands across both games and entertainment. In 2013, a new and improved Kinect was planned to be bundled in every package of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One.

However, after backlash regarding the Kinect’s role, the console’s price tag, and more, Microsoft removed the Kinect requirement from the console and began offering the standalone console for $399 rather than the original $499 price tag. Later on, significant dashboard and console updates for the Xbox One began to phase out the Kinect’s functionality, such as motion gestures and certain voice controls.

Today,  Fast Company has reported the official demise of the peripheral for Xbox, as Microsoft has officially ceased production of the Kinect. Although many Kinect features continue to fade away, many new Microsoft programs (HoloLens, Cortana voice assistant) take advantage of the technological feats accomplished by Kinect and its makers.

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