Killing Floor 2 Releasing For The Xbox One | Beyond Entertainment


Tripwire, developer of the well received co-op, zombie-survival title Killing Floor 2 announced today that the game will be making it’s way to the Xbox console family. The game will be available on August 29th for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. It will also be compatible with the Xbox One X at release on November 7th.

The Xbox version of Killing Floor 2 will set you back $40 but will also include any and all DLC that has been released for the title. The Xbox version will also receive some timed-exclusive content, namely a new weapon for the Survival Perk referred to as the Freezethrower. The name is somewhat self-explanatory, as the weapon will allow players to spray zombies with fast-freezing liquid nitrogen, allowing players to then shatter them to pieces. The Freezethrower can be visually customized with 8 different weapon skins. Xbox players will also receive early-access to the Wasteland Armor Uniform, which also comes with 5 different skins of its own. The Xbox One X will support a 4K update for the title as well as visual and performance enhancements.

Killing Floor 2 originally released on the Playstation 4 and PC back in 2016, with early access to previous versions of the title being available up to a year before its release. The game features a PVE survival mode as well as a PVP mode that allows players who control both humans and zombies to duke it out.

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Source: EuroGamer