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After a short break, we are happy to be back. Welcome to the Team Beyond HCS Power Rankings; we have had an insane season with a lot of awesome and controversial predictions from both our panel as well as our awesome competitive Halo community. The HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Season Finals take place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. With this in mind, we figured it would be the perfect time to revive the HCS Power Ranks to share our panel’s predictions for the Top 4 this weekend.

We won’t have any scrim scores to share this week due to so much action going down since our absence, but if you want to check out some stats to collect your own predictions, we recommend checking out the Halo Pro League standings and Halo5Arena for all the latest Pro League and scrimmage records.

Without further ado, here are our panelists predictions.

Summer Playoff Rankings

The thought seems unanimous from both the panel as well as the community that nearly any members of the Top 4 can pull of a win or an upset. CLG will undeniably enter the Finals as the favorite to claim the title, but even NV and C9 shows promise to take down the top squads.

#Counter-Logic Gaming | SnakeBiteRoyal 2FrostyLethul

CLG NA Regionals

Counter-Logic Gaming just doesn’t slip up. After riding the swift momentum from their $1,000,000 Halo World Championship victory, they dominated the Pro League, winning all of their scrimmages and losing just one series to Enigma6 during Week 4. Our panel unanimously has agreed every single week that while the gap is closing between the high seeded teams and CLG, they will continue to be the dominant, unstoppable force in Halo eSports, especially heading into this weekend’s finals.

Check out an example of CLG’s dominance in an episode of Beyond Rewind!

#2 Enigma6 Hukebubu dubuCratosShooter

E6 Huke

Enigma6 is coming in to the LA Live venue as a wrecking ball. Since the tail end of 4th week of the Pro League, they have upheld a 9-match win streak, including a victory against Counter-Logic Gaming. Being the only team to take down CLG, as well as having strong chemistry and synergy amongst the squad, Enigma6 is considered by many to be the #2 team, but their recent scrim record (close games with OpTic Gaming; losses to Team Liquid) has some worried about their ability to clutch up at this weekend’s LAN.

#3 Team EnVyUs | MikwenPistolaeL TownRayne

nV Halo eL Town

Team EnVyUs is a tough team to predict heading into the finals, especially considering Enigma6’s incredible end to the season. However, for a long time, Team EnVyUs was considered the best candidate to dethrone CLG. Despite an extremely strong mid-season run, and very close series with CLG, their late season was a bit scrappy, as they lost series to both Enigma6 and Cloud 9, who they will have to face throughout the Pro League Finals bracket. Only time will tell if Pistola, eL Town, Mikwen, and Rayne will bring the #BoysInBlue a championship title.

#4 Cloud9 NinjaCommonlyVictory XPenguin

Cloud 9 Ninja

Pictured: Cloud9’s H2A Roster ft. Ninja

The ex-Renegades roster, now competing under the C9 banner, managed to make their way into the Pro League Season Finals by the skin of their teeth. After losing to Team Liquid (possibly due to overconfidence) in the final week of the Pro League, their seed was at risk as Evil Geniuses had the opportunity to reclaim a spot in the finals. However, the EG squad failed to do so and Cloud9 are heading to the playoffs. While many view them as an underdog against the more fitting possible 2nd seeds (E6 and nV), they have still shown incredible moments of promise in recent scrims, as well as bursts of greatness throughout their season of play, such as taking down both E6 and nV at different points in time.

And that wraps it up for the power rankings heading into the first ever Pro League Season Finals! As always, if you would like to discuss our power rankings make sure to head over to our forums!

Photos courtesy of primarily David “Sandman” Doran; make sure to give David a follow on Twitter!


What are the power rankings based on?

The Team Beyond Power Rankings are intended to reflect how the power rankers believe the top eight teams in the world would stack up against each other in a LAN environment, given every team’s performance in the past week in scrimmages, online tournaments, and LAN events. Imagine the power rankings being our way of answering the commonly asked question in sports, “If the playoffs started today, how would teams do?”.

Why do you include online scrimmage results in your data?

We believe that any available metric that allows the power rankers to evaluate a team’s recent performance is useful. However, the power rankers do put much more weight on LAN event and online tournament results, with obviously the former being the most heavily weighted and the latter being the second most.

Why do the power rankings only use the most recent week of data?

The power rankings being weekly allows us to strike a balance that allows them to be persistent and intriguing as opposed to overabundant and meaningless. However, although the data that is used is weekly, general trends over time are considered such as a particular coach consistently contributing to better performance on LAN or general LAN performance trends (both good and bad) by particular players.

Why did you guys give ________ the #__ spot?

Sometimes the power rankings can yield somewhat surprising results. Often you will find vast differences in opinion amongst the power rankers, and variance can lead to a lower aggregate score compared to a team that receives a consistent ranking around the middle. Also, the nature of power rankings can be rather subjective despite their dependence on raw data. Different people can interpret the same data very differently, which can lead to a lot of variance.

How does the aggregate scoring work?

For each power ranking, teams are awarded points based on the rank they receive. #1 is worth 8 points, #2 is worth 7 points, #3 is worth 6 points, etc. After all the rankings have been submitted, each teams’ points are aggregated into a total, and those totals determine the final top eight ranks. For example, if a team receives a #2, #2, #3, and #4 ranking they would receive 25 points (7 + 7 + 6 + 5).