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Welcome back to the Team Beyond HCS Power Rankings. This marks the eight installment of the Power Rankings, and with the Pro League beginning this week we couldn’t be any more excited. This past week, we saw teams battle it out in our ASTRO Spartans 4v4 tournament as well as a Pro League Preview Tournament. Let’s take a look at the spreadsheet and the personal and final aggregate power rankings.

Scrims & Tournament Scores



Individual & Aggregate Rankings


#1 Counter-Logic Gaming | SnakeBiteRoyal 2FrostyLethul

Trending: — | Record: 8-0-0 (51-12)

CLG Royal 2

Although CLG’s reign at the top has been rather persistent, one dynamic element of their play that has drawn attention is their perceived relative vulnerability ever since the HCS gametypes got a refresh. Although there is a slight decline in their dominance since the refresh, that difference may be just a bit exaggerated. In the three weeks prior to the refresh CLG won 152 of their 178 games (85.4% win percentage), while in the two weeks since the refresh, CLG has won 102 of their 126 games (80.9%). Regardless, CLG still posted an 8-0-0 record this week and were able to secure another Team Beyond ASTRO Spartans 4v4 victory as well as a spot in the Pro League Preview Tournament finals against Evil Geniuses (which will take place later today).

#2 Evil Geniuses SnipedownRoyLunchbox, Suspector

Trending: — | Record: 2-0-0 (7-5)

EG PAX Suspector

Despite having not played all through Monday and Saturday due to Suspector being on vacation, Evil Geniuses made the most of the last two days of the power ranking period by narrowly edging out Team Liquid (3-2) and Team EnVyUs (4-3) in the Pro League Preview Tournament. By doing so, Evil Geniuses have secured a spot in the finals of the $5,000 tournament, and have their first real opportunity at getting revenge against CLG ever since picking up Suspector. Hopefully EG’s lack of practice in the past three weeks won’t catch up to them in this showdown or when the Pro League begins later this week, as CLG has 63 games played in the last week to EG’s 77 total games played during the past three weeks combined.

#3 Enigma6 | Huke, bubu dubu, Cratos, Shooter

Trending: — | Record: 4-2-0 (37-23)

E6 Huke


This week is a huge “what if” for Enigma6, as the general feeling in the community is that they could have solidified themselves as the #2 team had they not gotten swept by Team EnVyUs in the first round of the Pro League Preview Tournament. They had a rather solid week outside of that series, between two scrimmage wins against Team Liquid (9-5, 8-6) as well as a scrimmage win earlier in the week against nV (9-4). The first week of Pro League will be a good chance for them to ensure that they don’t fall any lower than #3, as they face off against Renegades on Thursday and Team EnVyUs on Friday.

#4 Renegades Ninja, CommonlyVictory XPenguin

Trending:  | Record: 3-3-0 (23-28)

RNG Halo 2016

To be quite frank, the record posted by Renegades this week is deceivingly disappointing. Their three series losses this week have all been to CLG, split between two scrimmages (4-10, 0-8) and a closely contested series in the Pro League Preview Tournament (2-4). If you ignore those losses, Renegades were still able to secure two scrimmage wins against previously fifth ranked Liquid (9-4, 5-0) as well as a clutch 3-2 win over Allegiance in the first round of the previously mentioned Pro League Preview Tournament.

#5 Team EnVyUs | Mikwen, Pistola, eL Town, Rayne

Trending: ▲1 | Record: 3-3-0 (25-27)


Team EnVyUs took Evil Geniuses to the brink in the semi-finals of the Pro League Preview Tournament on Monday, but ultimately fell just short of securing their spot in the finals. In all likelihood nV could have moved past Renegades for the #4 spot with that win, but they do continue on their slow ascent up the power rankings. In the past four weeks, nV has moved from #7 to #6 (where they briefly took a pit stop at for an additional week) before sliding up to #5 this week. Their biggest upcoming test will be on Friday, where they’ll face off against Enimga6 in the Pro League and face the challenge of defeating the #3 ranked team twice in the span of a week.

#6 Team Liquid | SpartanStellurEco, Assault

Trending: ▼1 | Record: 1-7-0 (27-53)

Liquid Spartan

The good news is that Team Liquid got some quality practice this week, with all eight of their series being against the teams ranked ahead of them. The bad news is that they posted just a 33.75% win percentage against those teams, solidifying their spot firmly below the upper echelon of teams. Looking at some of the key series they played in this week, Team Liquid fell one game short of defeating Evil Geniuses in the opening round of the Pro League Preview Tournament, and they were swept by CLG in the finals of the Team Beyond Astro Spartans tournament. In the first week of the HCS Pro League, Liquid will have a chance at revenge against both teams, with their first match being against EG (Thursday) and their second against CLG (Friday).

#7 Team Allegiance | Contra, PreDevonator, Ryanoob, Goofy

Trending:  | Record: 1-5-0 (13-28)

Allegiance Goofy-Ryanoob

In the last two power rankings, we highlighted the extreme lack of practice on Allegiance’s part following their qualification in the Pro League. This week, they finally amped up their practice regimen but the rust most certainly showed. They posted a 31.7% map win percentage this week, the lowest of any of the teams on the power rankings this week. Their sole win this week was an unimpressively narrow defeat of the slumping OpTic Gaming (3-2), and their loss to previously unranked eLevate (1-4) did them no favors. They too will have a chance at revenge in the first week of Pro League, where they’ll face off against Renegades on Friday after barely losing a five game best-of-five series to them in the first round of the Pro League Preview Tournament.

#8 eLevate | Heinz, Randa, Danoxide, Falcated

Trending: NEW | Record: 1-1-0 (7-5)

Elevate Logo

If you look among the eight teams qualified for the Pro League that is set to begin later this week, you won’t find this roster anywhere among them. eLevate at the #8 spot this week over OpTic is likely a reflection of similar things going right for the former and wrong for the latter. eLevate convincingly took a short five game scrimmage (4-1) off of #7 ranked Allegiance whereas OpTic narrowly lost one to the same team (2-3). eLevate seems to have hit a stride with their new fourth Falcated whereas Naded has now stepped down from OpTic Gaming (which was not known prior to the submission of power ranking). Nevertheless, eLevate will be participating in this week’s Challenger tournaments, where they will face off against every non-Pro League team in an effort to redeem themselves and eventually challenge for the seventh and eighth spots in the Pro League.

That wraps it up for this week’s Team Beyond Power Rankings! This upcoming week will be full of action for Halo fans to enjoy. Tonight (Tuesday, 5/31) CLG will face off against Evil Geniuses in the finals of the Pro League Preview Tournament. On Thursday and Friday, the NA and EU Pro Leagues will begin with some key match-ups that could set the pace for the following weeks.

As always, if you would like to discuss our power rankings make sure to head over to our forums!

Photos courtesy of David “Sandman” Doran; make sure to give David a follow on Twitter!


What are the power rankings based on?

The Team Beyond Power Rankings are intended to reflect how the power rankers believe the top eight teams in the world would stack up against each other in a LAN environment, given every team’s performance in the past week in scrimmages, online tournaments, and LAN events. Imagine the power rankings being our way of answering the commonly asked question in sports, “If the playoffs started today, how would teams do?”.

Why do you include online scrimmage results in your data?

We believe that any available metric that allows the power rankers to evaluate a team’s recent performance is useful. However, the power rankers do put much more weight on LAN event and online tournament results, with obviously the former being the most heavily weighted and the latter being the second most.

Why do the power rankings only use the most recent week of data?

The power rankings being weekly allows us to strike a balance that allows them to be persistent and intriguing as opposed to overabundant and meaningless. However, although the data that is used is weekly, general trends over time are considered such as a particular coach consistently contributing to better performance on LAN or general LAN performance trends (both good and bad) by particular players.

Why did you guys give ________ the #__ spot?

Sometimes the power rankings can yield somewhat surprising results. Often you will find vast differences in opinion amongst the power rankers, and variance can lead to a lower aggregate score compared to a team that receives a consistent ranking around the middle. Also, the nature of power rankings can be rather subjective despite their dependence on raw data. Different people can interpret the same data very differently, which can lead to a lot of variance.

How does the aggregate scoring work?

For each power ranking, teams are awarded points based on the rank they receive. #1 is worth 8 points, #2 is worth 7 points, #3 is worth 6 points, etc. After all the rankings have been submitted, each teams’ points are aggregated into a total, and those totals determine the final top eight ranks. For example, if a team receives a #2, #2, #3, and #4 ranking they would receive 25 points (7 + 7 + 6 + 5).