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Today is the first day of the European HCS Pro League Fall Finals event, featuring a four pro team playoff bracket, and a four team relegation tournament to determine next season’s HCS participants. We had the pleasure of sitting down with European HCS talent Simms, Gaskin, and Onset to talk about their predictions heading into the season’s epic finale.

EU Fall Finals HCS

“I believe this will be a relatively simple event for FAB after their trip to Vegas and the experience they would have gained. Pulse should be a sweep, Vibe will put up a bit of a fight and I don’t think Infused will get the chance to test them because of the bracket, which is a shame because I feel Infused’s playstyle can overwhelm FAB, but they’ll struggle against Vibe.” – Dan Gaskin

“As much as I want to put Pulse fourth simply because I respect how good Infused is, I’ve been at far too many events and seen French rosters cause upsets too many times. Pulse has zero pressure and I think this will only show in their gameplay.” – Richard “TheSimms” Simms

“FAB proved that they are above the North American AM competition, but came up well short of the Top 4 teams. The practice will be invaluable however, and will be looking to cement their place as Europe’s finest during this weekend’s event. The only thing that can beat them however, is themselves. If they go down in a series and start to bicker and second guess themselves, we could see Vibe come through with the upset.” Mark “Onset” Hatcher


EU Fall Ranks

1) FAB Games: FAB has established themselves as the definitive top dogs of the European Halo scene. With only one match loss coming from Team Infused in Week 3 of the standard season, the FAB roster is not only on a hot streak of wins, but the team also competed at HCS Vegas and has become experienced with the NA competition and playstyle. These factors make them a standout pick for #1 at Fall Finals.

2) Team Vibe: Alongside a unanimous vote for FAB at #1, all three of our talented panelists had Vibe in position to cinch the runner-up placing at Fall Finals. Vibe concluded Fall 2016 with a record of 7-3 and an archive of solid performances against majority of the Pro League teams. While the roster of Snakey, Qristola, Snipedrone, and SeptiQ are without a doubt top tier Halo players, our panelists showed doubts in their ability to take down FAB Games.

3) PuLse Gaming: A close 2:1 panelist vote pushed Pulse up from the bottom floor placing. Simms explained that he expected Pulse to pull off a classic French-LAN-upset this weekend, so we’ll have to tune in and see if they can prove that their 4th place Pro League standing is but a number. Facing FAB in Round 1 will be a steep challenge, but many expect the French to make a splash.

4) Team Infused: Team Infused features young talent such as Batchford and Doodle who have made waves in the online Pro League, including a victory over #1 seed FAB Games. However, their LAN inexperience and inconsistent performances have landed them the lowest rank on our panelists predictions.


Across the board, our panelists have predicted that on Saturday, the Bittersweet/MDR2 roster will be the first Halo amateur team to overtake current pro players and join the ranks of the official pro league. All three panelists are calling for Prophecy to become relegated after the event has concluded, with MDR2 joining the fray and VwS maintaining their pro status.

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