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Since the release of the April patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection last month, a lot of players have had trouble joining and creating parties for customs and matchmaking games. The patch also caused the cancellation of the first 2 Halo Championship Series online cups for Season 2.

MCC May Hotfix Patch

Thankfully, the folks over at 343 Industries have been hard at work and have released a new hotfix to hopefully fix the problem. Here are some details released by 343 Industries:

As we mentioned last week, the team has been working on a hotfix for party joinability, and this fix is now available via a content update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Largely, this update will revert to the same party functionality that was available prior to our 4.21 update, and specifically addresses joinability issues that players with large friends lists have been experiencing.

As of this time, this weekend’s ESL online cup #1 remains on schedule, and the HCS staff at 343 and ESL are currently working with teams and players to verify that the joinability issues have been resolved to ensure that things will run smoothly during the tournament.


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Source: Halo Waypoint