Halo: Spartan Strike Announced | Beyond Entertainment


UPDATE: 343 Industries have released an official trailer for Halo: Spartan Strike.

It has been a pretty heavy news month for Halo fans so far. Along with all of the Master Chief Collection news in the past 2 weeks, we have received news from IGN that a new Halo game will be launching in December for Steam and Windows Phone. The new title will be called “Halo: Spartan Strike“, and it looks very similar to the 2013 title “Halo: Spartan Assault”, which was was originally released for Window devices and eventually landed on more platforms.

The story for Halo: Spartan Strike will take place during Halo 2 timeline. Some highlights of the video include that there will be no microtransactions, a drivable warthog, and the Prometheans will play part in the game.

Halo Spartan Strike Art Screenshot 3 Halo Spartan Strike Art Screenshot 2 Halo Spartan Strike Art Screenshot 1

Halo: Spartan Strike lands on Window Devices and Steam on December 14th for $5.99. Discuss the announcement on our forums now!

Source: IGN