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After the thrilling conclusion to the first season of the Halo Championship Series, 343 has teased information regarding the announced second season. Some of this information includes a new point system, a schedule of events to participate in, as well as new maps and gametypes to compete on. Today, many of these changes and additions were announced; you can learn about them all below.


Schedule of Events


Season 1 of the Halo Championship Series featured three LAN events, numerous Online Cups, and a Finals event featuring a $100,000 Prize Pool. Iron Gaming and 343 Industries have already announced the first event scheduled for April 17-19, and now we have a full list of dates for Season 2’s events.

HCS Season 2 Events

HCS Season 2 will feature 8 online cups (which have now been upped to a $3,000 prize pool) as well as two LAN events: Iron Games Columbus, and HCS Indianapolis, presented by PGL. The second LAN event will boast a $50,000 prize pool for teams to compete over. The Halo Championship Series Season 2 Finals will be hosted at the ESL Studio in Burbank, CA and will have a $150,000 prize pool.


Online Cup Format


Season 2 will not only feature a larger prize pool for online cups, but an updated bracket format as well. Online Cups will now take place over two days. On Saturday, amateur teams (placed outside of the Top 8 Standings) will have compete to be placed in the Legendary Bracket on Sunday. The Top 8 teams from the Open Bracket will be placed in the Legendary Bracket along the Top 8 teams in the HCS Standings, totaling 16 teams competing each Sunday.

HCS Season 2 Online Cup


HCS Points


Accompanying the new HCS season is a new and more simplified HCS Point system for both Online Events and LAN Events.



New Maps and Gametypes


One popular request by fans and players was the introduction of new maps into the Halo Championship Series. In Season 2, 343 will be introducing new community-created forge maps designed for competitive gameplay. In addition, Ricochet is being considered and tested as a competitive gametype. You can find a full list of map candidates here.
H2A Ricochet


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