Halo 5: Guardians Beta Will Include Spectator Mode | Beyond Entertainment


Today it was announced via IGN that the Halo 5: Guardians Beta would include a Spectator Mode. 343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes went on to explain the mode in detail below:

“When you think about Halo, it’s such a tailor-made experience for eSports, especially with that competitive edge, getting back to the level playing field and everything,” 343 Industries’ Josh Holmes told IGN. “So we put a lot of focus on surrounding features.”

Twitch streamers will be aggregated not only on Twitch’s website, but within the Halo Channel app on Xbox One. Holmes said 343 will “take streams from top players that are playing, and bundle them up and spotlight them so you can go into the Halo channel and browse through matches, and tune into that.”

Halo Channel 3

Casters will be able to “rewind and fast-forward through the match, assuming that you’re tuning in if there’s a bit of a delay,” Holmes continued. “So if you want to go back and replay a specific moment, you can do that within the controls. We’re looking at deepening those controls for launch, but we want to get that there for Beta so we can put it in the hands of players.”


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Source: IGN