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This week’s matchmaking update will introduce the long awaited Ricochet playlist. Also, we’ll see some updates to Infinity Slayer as apart of the on-going consolidation and much more! Orangeline


Ricochet was a brand new gametype introduced on August 20th with the Champions Bundle. For two weeks, it was exclusive to those who purchased the bundle. Now that those two weeks are up, the gametype will be getting its own playlist with multiple maps. Which maps exactly? Those can be found below.


Pitfall Rico


Monolith Rico


Solace Rico


Skyline Rico


Haven Rico


Adrift RicoOrangeline


In an effort to consolidate the playlists for a more optimal matchmaking experience, Legendary BRs is being added to Infinity Slayer. With the introduction of this gametype, the Legendary Slayer playlist is being removed entirely. Legendary BRs will always be available as the THIRD voting slot in the playlist.

The settings used in this gametype will be similar to the Global Championship playlist from a few weeks back (BR Primary, AR Secondary) but optimized for team gameplay.

Also, a new gametype will be added called Team Slayer. In this gametype, players will still have complete customization over their loadouts, but elements such as random and personal ordnance will be disabled. Initial ordnance will still be enabled on resupply timers and the motion tracker will be enabled too!

This gametype will replace Slayer Pro and become the second voting option in Infinity Slayer. The voting options will be similar to what is shown below.

| SLOT 1 – Infinity Slayer | SLOT 2 – Team Slayer | SLOT 3 – Legendary BRs |



Multi-Team will be getting some love this week, a few new gametype and map combos will be introduced, such as…

  • Ricochet on Monolith
  • Infinity Slayer on Pitfall
  • Infinity Slayer on Vertigo



Rumble Pit will also be getting a little bit of love this week, Pitfall will be introduced into the playlist for multiple gametypes.



SWAT will also be getting a new map this week. Vertigo from the Bullseye Map Pack will be introduced into the mix.



Finally this week, Spartan Ops will be receiving five new missions in the hoppers.

You’ll be able to play the following chapters this week:

  • All The Secrets on Control – Episode 6, Chapter 2
  • Need To Know on Warrens – Episode 6, Chapter 3
  • Crystal Ball on Lockup – Episode 8, Chapter 4
  • Seize The Power on Apex – Episode 10, Chapter 3
  • One Last Time on Harvester – Episode 10, Chapter 5

That’s all for this week!

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