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This week’s matchmaking update is a big one for multiple communities. First off, Grifball will finally be getting a huge and long-awaited update. Secondly, Dominion will be returning as a rotational playlist for the next two weeks. Finally, Team Slayer will receive multiple updates in preparation for the “Team Slayer Top 200” program.




It has been a while since Grifball received a decently sized update, and this week that’s changing. So first off, here’s a change being applied globally to all Grifball gametypes.

  • The ball holder will now have a special hue of Orange, exclusive to Grifball gametypes.
Grif New Orange
Grif’s New Shade of Orange

Moving on from that exciting change, the voting options in the playlist are being re-worked. 

Slot 1 – Grifball
Slot 2 – Grifball Pro
Slot 3 – AGLA Grifball or Grifball Dash

In case you’ve never heard of AGLA Grifball or Grifball Dash, keep on reading!

Grifball and Grifball Pro Gametype Changes

  • The bomb carriers movement has been updated to 180% from the prior 170% to counter Mobility.
  • Mobility has been enabled across both gametypes. Mobility allows for Infinite Sprint.

Grifball Map Changes

The following maps have returned and/or been updated:

  • Primordial
  • Termitarium
  • Hangar 101
  • Thin Ice

A brand new version of Sarge’s Lab has been added, fixing the prior versions lighting issues.

As well as this, all new and returning maps will feature a “ball cage”, which encases the ball to allow for more controller tip-offs.

Check out some of the new maps being added below.

Dr Leo's Cauldron by NOKYARD
Dr Leo’s Cauldron by NOKYARD
What the Grif by NOKYARD
What the Grif by NOKYARD
Warp Field by ColCF Goatzilla
Warp Field by ColCF Goatzilla
Power Grid by Nuclear Taco 42
Power Grid by Nuclear Taco 42
Aquaduct by killenjoke
Aquaduct by killenjoke

Grifball Dash

Grifball Dash is a returning fan-favourite gametype from Halo: Reach. The gametype was similar to regular Grifball, expect players were given the option to use the Evade armour ability. Since Halo 4 doesn’t feature this, the Thruster Pack armour ability will be used in its place.

This gametype will be available on three maps to begin with, and will be slightly larger than other maps to compensate for the increased movement speed. The maps that will be associated with this gametype can be found below.

Successor - Inspired by Halo 3's Grifball High
Successor – Inspired by Halo 3’s Grifball High
Nakuru Field
Nakuru Field
Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle

AGLA Grifball

AGLA Grifball is the official gametype being used by GrifballHub in their competitive Grifball league. This gametype will be available in the third voting slot.

To be played with AGLA Grifball

Moving on from Grifball, shall we have a quick look at the rotational playlist – Dominion?



A few months ago, Dominion was removed during Halo 4’s playlist consolidation to ensure a faster matchmaking experience. But due to this, getting Dominion commendations became impossible as it wasn’t added into any other playlists as a compromise.

Starting today, Dominion will be available for two weeks to which it will be removed on December 9th, 2013. 

A few weeks ago, the community was offered a choice on which gametype they’d like to see introduced into the Dominion playlist when it returned and the final results of that poll showed that Legendary Dominion would be added.

For those who aren’t familiar with ‘Legendary’ settings – players start off with a Battle Rifle primary and Assault Rifle secondary and Frag Grenades.

For those who aren’t familiar with Lockdown – Lockdown is a Dominion game variant that was added on July 1st, and features two teams fighting over a central base, with no auto-turrets or shield doors.

The voting options for Dominion will be reworked to feature all three gametypes, every time.

Slot 1 – Dominion
Slot 2 – Lockdown
Slot 3 – Legendary Dominion





Not long ago, a competition was held by Certain Affinity to find community-made Ricochet maps to be added to the Ricochet playlist. Now that the competition has ended and the winners have been chosen, these maps will finally make their way into the Ricochet playlist.

Butter by Purely Fat
Butter by Purely Fat
Hekau by MrGreenWithAGun
Hekau by MrGreenWithAGun
Inheritor by Squally DaBeanz
Inheritor by Squally DaBeanz



With the “Team Slayer Top 200” program starting today, the Team Slayer playlist has been updated to give more competitive merit to the Top 200 players.

For those unaware what the Top 200 program is – it is essentially a leaderboard which highlights the Top 200 players in the Team Slayer playlist.

Without further ado, these are the changes being made to Team Slayer.

  • Every players CSR will be reset in Team Slayer and reset every two months
  • Team Slayer will now use team-based CSR, rather than individual
  • Maximum party size has been reduced from eight to four to prevent players from boosting

You can read more about the Top 200 program in the most recent Halo Bulletin here.




With the Season 1 encore with skulls enabled now at an end, Spartan Ops will now be playable without skulls.

You’ll be able to play the following chapters this week:

  • Sacred on The Refuge – Episode 1, Chapter 4
  • Core on The Cauldron – Episode 1, Chapter 5
  • Clean Up on The Gate – Episode 2, Chapter 2
  • For Science on The Cauldron – Episode 2, Chapter 2
  • The VIP on Quarry – Episode 3, Chapter 1

That’s all for this week!


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