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The Master Chief Collection is just 10 days away and today we got confirmation thanks to the games manual on what skulls will be in Halo 2: Anniversary and what they will do to change the game. Check them out below!

Halo 2 Anniversary Warlock Screenshot 2

Halo 2 Anniversary Skulls:


Enemies fire weapons much more aggressively. The Covenant discovered they have infinite ammo, and they want to show off.


All enemies are cloaked. Covenant Ninja Academy, class of 2552.


Unlimited ammo and grenades. You must wear a bandana in real life.


Your HUD disappears and your weapon does not display. The perils of being made by the lowest bidder.


All explosion physics impulses are increased. Glorious science!

Black Eye

Your shields will only recharge after you melee an enemy. Perk up your shield’s spirit by dispensing two-fisted cyborg justice.


Enemies throw more grenades. Down in front!


The Chief has Active Camo and the Arbiter gets a flashlight. Not fair!

Eye Patch

Disables auto-aim. We recommend adjusting your controller sensitivity.


Dropped weapons have significantly less ammo. Budget cuts.


All melee strikes impart additional force. Pow!


Your motion tracker is disabled. Keep your eyes sharp.


You cannot pick up Covenant weapons. Union rules.


Allies and enemies no longer flinch, meaning they shoot more often. No pain, firepower gain.

Grunt Birthday Party

Grunt headshots release party favors. ‘Nuff said.

Grunt Funeral

Grunts explode after death. Oh, the humanity!


Don’t die. Playing solo you have to start the mission over. In co-op you’re all sent back to the last checkpoint.


Rare dialog is more common, and vice versa. Did he really just say that?


You can only pilot a vehicle by hijacking it. Video games made you do it.


Each death removes a random element of your HUD. You didn’t want that shield indicator anyways … right?

Masterblaster (Co-Op Only)

One player has recharging overshields and can only melee. The second player has no shields, but infinite ammo. Roles switch after a random number of kills. Who runs Mombasa-town?


Enemies have increased health and shields. Covenant forces have been bulking up.


Enemies drop a plasma grenade when you hit them with a melee attack. Smack, shield crack, and grenade pop.

Prophet Birthday Party

Every smack to the Prophet of Regret’s face is accompanied by epic Steve Vai guitar licks and lightning bolts.


Every shot uses two ammo. The ammo usage has been altered, pray we don’t alter it further.


All player-held weapons fire the Scarab Gun beam. Unlocked when you find all the original Halo 2 Skulls.

So ... Angry …

Enraged Brutes will explode shortly after enraging. The secret is, they’re always angry.


Mass of all objects is reduced. Combine with Boom and Feather for maximum enjoyment.


Your shields constantly decay, but recharge a bit after each enemy kill. There’s an invisible energy vampire stuck on your back. His name is Ed.


Let go my golo! Hunters are even more robust and deal extra damage with attacks. Unlocked after you watch all five episodes of Halo: Nightfall on the Halo Channel and complete the associated challenges.

That’s Just … Wrong

Enemies have a cyborg-detecting sixth sense.

They Come Back

Infection Forms that reanimate a corpse are much stronger than normal. Clean up any bodies before that happens.


Field promotions for every enemy in the Chief’s path.

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Source: r/Halo