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In today’s Halo Bulletin, Bravo – community manager at 343 Industries announced the second-ever Halo 2 Anniversary 4v4 tournament which will be hosted at PAX Prime next week. Just like the Gamescom Showdown, players will be competing for the $10,000 prize pool!

PAX Prime Showdown Schedule



Similar to the Gamescom Showdown – ASTRO Gaming and Skullcandy will be holding qualifier games at their booths. The winner will be determined by who has the highest winning streak at the end of the day. The two highest winning streaks from both booths on Friday will move onto to Saturday’s qualifiers.


On Saturday, the qualified teams from Friday will compete against the invited teams in a studio with no live audience. Fans will be able to watch this event at www.twitch.tv/Halo.


It all comes down to this day. All eight teams will be fighting it out in the studio to determine who gets the $10,000 cash prize. The finals will be streamed over at www.twitch.tv/Halo for fans to tune in and watch.

PAX Prime Prize Pool

1st: $5,000
2nd: $1,500
3rd: $1,000
4th: $700
5th: $600
6th: $500
7th: $400
8th: $300

PAX Prime Caster Lineup

PAX Prime Halo Casters

That’s right folks, at the Halo 2 Anniversary PAX Prime Showdown – we’ll see Goldenboy, Bravo, Maven and GH057ayame all casting over some amazing, competitive Halo 2 Anniversary gameplay.


The following teams have been invited to fly out to PAX and compete in the tournament. Additionally, another three teams will be able to qualify at the event.


  • iGotUrPistola
  • Snipedown
  • ACE
  • StrongSide


Triggers Down:

  • Heinz
  • Hysteria
  • FearItSelf
  • Lethul



  • Goofy
  • Mikwen
  • Naded
  • Legit


Darkest Hour:

  • Elumnite
  • Cobys2Fast
  • Wolfmayne
  • Frosty



  • Ramirez
  • TuFoxy
  • Riotz
  • Chalkie



TCM will be taking part in the event, following their victory at the Halo 2 Anniversary Gamescom Showdown earlier in the month.

This is a must-see event for all Halo fans as not only will it showcase Halo 2 Anniversary but it will also show off some “new gametypes” according to Bravo. The tournament will using a double elimination format in Best of 5 series, all of which will be streamed on the main stage at www.twitch.tv/Halo on Saturday and Sunday.

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