ASTRO Spartans Halo 5 4v4 Player Guide | Beyond Entertainment


ASTRO Spartans tournaments are back in full force, and in 2018 we are bringing back our free-to-enter 4v4 competitions! With this in mind, we’ve provided a brief guide to get you up to speed and ready to compete! Good luck, and have fun!

Fill Your Roster:

In order for your team to be accepted into a Beyond Tournaments bracket, you must have a complete roster. For our Halo 5: Guardians team tournaments, you’ll need a full roster of (4) players. In this image below, Splyce has nearly completed their roster, but they’ll need to invite their fourth player using the “Invite Teammates” button on their team page.

In addition, all four players must add their gamertag to their personal tournament profile. If all four members of your team have not registered correct gamertags, the team will be removed from the bracket before tournament start.


If you do not have 4/4 players, all with correct gamertags, you will be unable to compete.

Follow Your Bracket:

For team-based tournaments, all teams are responsible for finding their respective opponents and completing their match at the scheduled time. Below, you’ll find an example of the bracket page. Make sure to set your profile’s time zone so the bracket syncs to your clock.

When it comes to reporting matches, you can view your current and previous matches on your team page. Each match has a specific link to a details page. On the match details page, you’ll find the necessary maps/gametypes for the series, as well as options to submit scores (by selecting the winning team) and submit disputes.

Submit Disputes:

If you run into an error with your match, your bracket, or your opponents, you can contact the Beyond Staff overseeing the tournament by submitting a dispute on your match details page. If you attempt to contact Beyond via Twitter or non-official dispute channels, you will not receive a response.

Situations where you should submit a dispute include:

  • Opposing team is a no-show for the match
  • Opposing team has incorrect players or did not show up on time
  • Opposing team is not cooperating in lobby
  • Connection issues, disconnects, and crashes
  • Questions regarding rules, settings, tournament format, etc.


For the most efficient communication and fastest response, submit a dispute on your match details page and we will work out whatever issues you may have. Additionally, if you can provide video evidence (YouTube, XboxDVR) of major disputes, it will help speed up our process and get you through the tournament faster!

The ASTRO Spartans are back! Follow us on Twitter for the latest tournament updates and announcements, and make sure to follow our Mixer channel so you can see every Beyond Tournaments Halo broadcast in 2018!