Gears of War 4 September Update Announced | Beyond Entertainment


As Gears of War 4 nears its one-year anniversary, Community Manager Liam Ashley says The Coalition is on pace to meet its goals for the game’s multiplayer. Updates for September include two new maps, 500 more Gamerscore worth of achievements, improvements to matchmaking, and a new ranked season. It’s a good time to be a Gears fan.

The two maps dropping are a revision of launch map Harbor, now taking place during the daytime (aptly named Harbor Haze), and a winterized revision of Gears 3’s map Mercy. Both are available to season pass holders as of Tuesday, Sept. 5 and available matchmaking-wide on Sept. 12.

The new achievements “focus on your first moments with the game”, so many players will have them unlocked and added to their scores as soon as they update the game. Ashley states the focus stays within the first 10 hours, so these achievements are likely the carrot to Gears 4 returning to Xbox’s Game Trial program on Sept. 14.

Improvements to matchmaking come through a shift to “Quality of Service” from the previous Region Locked system. Your data center will now connect you with players of similar quality, regardless of region, so hopefully that means matches will be better overall. They are also improving its Skill Based Matchmaking for better quality matchups. These changes are set to roll out with the end of Ranked Season 1, with Ranked Season 2 starting immediately after. Players receive their rewards then it’s back to the drawing board for ranks in each playlist.

To show their progress with Gears 4 over the year, Ashley drops some stats. Notably, they’ve released 22 additional maps since launch. There’s still two coming before the anniversary. The Coalition’s held 18 special events for Versus and Horde allowing exclusive loot and collectibles. Also, 38 achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore hit the game through post-launch updates.

Gears of War 4 is available on Xbox One and PC, be sure to keep an eye out for the trial period this month if you’d like to give it a shot.


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