Gears of War 4 September Matchmaking Updates | Beyond Entertainment


With Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit fast approaching, The Coalition has been taking community feedback and will now be implementing a number of important changes prior to the start of the season.

The first major change is that regional matchmaking will be removed from Gears of War 4. With regional matchmaking turned on, players could only match other competitors from the same region. While this did allow good connections for most matches, it also meant the matchmaking system had a lesser population to pull from, which could lead to lower quality matches. With the region lock removed, the matchmaking system will ensure the best skill-based match-up possible for players.

A small but important change, a player’s ping will now be displayed in-game. Matchmaking will also be based on a player’s data center, with additional data centers being added if a solid game can’t be found.

The Coalition has also made improvements to skill-based matchmaking. The new system will now enforce stricter skill matching and will allow more time for matchmaking to find a good game. They’ve also done some tuning to improve a player’s tier placement to more accurately represent where they’re at skill-wise.

Regional matchmaking will be removed when the September Update drops, while the skill-based matchmaking updates will launch alongside the start of Season 2, which is targeted for mid-September. However, this is tentative.

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