Gears of War 4 July Update Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Following last month’s massive Horde update to Gears of War 4, The Coalition is back with another monster containing new maps and playable characters for July.

If that wasn’t enough, we also get a look at the future of Gears of War 4 too. Check out the brand new map details below!

New Maps

Raven Down

The fast and furious action of Gears of War 1’s Raven Down is crash landing into Gears of War 4! Set on a tight intersection with a crashed King Raven in the middle, combat on this map is up close and personal – frags can help you to get an edge in combat, but this map is all about your core Gears combat skills.


Reclaimed Windflare

The peaceful farm setting of Reclaimed is about to be ravaged by a Windflare! Previously only available in the campaign experience, Windflares are incredibly powerful storms that culminate in the fearsome stormwall with lightning bolts that can fry you in seconds.

Make sure to read the complete list of updates and changes for Gears of War 4 over at Xbox Wire. What do you think of Gears of War 4’s new update for July? Excited to try the new maps? Discuss it on our forums now!


Source: Xbox Wire