Gears of War 4 August Update Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Gears of War 4’s newest update is bringing several new pieces of content to Gears fans, including two new maps, a new event as well as a peek at future happenings.

The first new map is Forge Blitz, a newer iteration of the original Forge map. Set in a sun-baked factory, the map has been made tighter in order to provide new gameplay experiences. The map will now play much faster due to small angle and route changes. Most of these changes were influenced by feedback from the Gears Pro Circuit, further pushing Gears of War 4’s esports scene. The map will see its first appearance in the Pro Circuit later this August.

The second new map is a returning Gears of War fan-favorite: Canals. The map consists of 3 bridges crossing a canal and the only light on the map will be provided by the moon and a few street lamps. Similarly to the original rendition of the map, sniping with the Longshot will be the name of the game, with shotguns having a role on the narrow, close-quarters bridges.

Both maps will be available now in the Developer Playlist, which is open to season pass holders. They will be available to non-season pass holders a week from now on August 8th.

The Summer of Gears event will also be kicking off, with increased rewards being given to players on their first win of the day. The second season of the Gears Pro Circuit will also be starting up, with improvements being made to several maps.

Horde and Versus players will also be getting new variants to play layer this month on August 25th. For the full details on this month’s update, check out the press release here.

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Source: GearsofWar