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ASTRO Spartans $200 Halo 5 FFA (4/21) 7:00PM EST

Congratulations to Blown for winning the tournament!

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Tournament Rules


1) Join our Discord Server to communicate with Admins and other players.

2) Identify your Group # and opponents. Contact your host and join their lobby. Instructions for hosting and joining lobbies can be found below.

3) Compete in your Free-For-All match. At the end of your match, record a screenshot using the Xbox One capture feature or a mobile device.

4) Report your scores by sharing your results photo with us on Discord or Twitter.



1) All rules are subject to change at any time. All players must read and understand the rules before competing. In the event of any disputes, any member of Beyond Staff have final say in the matter.

2) You must use your own gamertag in official Beyond tournaments. If you are caught sharing your account with another player, you will be banned.

3) Teams with inappropriate or vulgar names will be locked. Intentionally evading the filter may result in a ban.

4) Any spam or disrespectful messages towards Beyond staff may result in a ban.

5) Brackets will be generated approximately 10 minutes before the official start time. At this time incomplete teams will be automatically removed.

6) After a period of inactivity, incomplete teams may be removed from the bracket by Beyond Staff prior to tournament start.

7) If you advance to the Semi-Finals / Grand Finals of a tournament, you will be featured in our broadcasted matches and may not proceed in bracket until contacted by a tournament administrator to join the streamed lobby. Ignoring staff invites and messages may result in DQ.


The first person on the list in EACH heat is responsible for hosting the lobby and inviting all the players in THEIR group.


If the 1st player in your heat does not show up, a Beyond staff member will host the lobby and invite the players in your heat.

If you run into any issues with your party, please message an Admin on the site, Discord, or Twitter.



1) Beyond Tournaments utilizes a slightly modified ruleset for our FFA competitions, based off of the official HCS rulesets for Halo 5: Guardians.

2) You can find the appropriate maps and gametypes under the Bookmarks of the gamertag "Beyond Settings".

3) Tampering with rules or settings will result in an automatic forfeit for the current game, as well as potentially ejection from the tournament bracket.


Base Gametype: Free-For-All HCS

Bookmark Gamertag: Beyond Settings

Gametype: ASTRO Spartans FFA

Map: Truth FFA HCS


Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Score to Win: Unlimited

Players: 8 players per round, Top 4 advance to next round


FFA Tiebreaker: Most Kills -> Least Deaths -> Most Assists -> Damage Dealt


To access the official tournament map/gametype, you can either add the gamertag “Beyond Settings” to your Xbox Live friends list, or search for the gamertag in Halo 5’s file browser.




1) Each player has a total of 10 minutes to show up for their match. After 10 minutes, if there are enough players, the game will begin.

2) If you do not receive an invite from your group's host, please contact staff to troubleshoot Twitter or Discord.



Tournament Time Zone: Beyond Staff organizes our brackets using EST/EDT. You can also set your personal time zone in your profile settings.

Game: A combination of map and gametype that is played on the respective tournament game (e.g. Team Slayer on Eden).

Match: A series of games (Best of 1/Best of 3/Best of 5) played in each Round of the Tournament or Ladder.

Whitelist: A set of glitches/exploits that are permitted in Beyond tournaments. Any exploits not on this list will result in a loss or ban.

Dispute: If a match cannot be completed for any reason, or teams believe in conflicting results a dispute will be made. Disputes can be submitted manually (on the Match Details page) and will be automatically generated if teams submit conflicting scores.

Beyond Staff: Staff members who will manage disputes and tournament results. Moderators do not have involvement with Beyond tournaments and should not be contacted. Improper contact with a Staff member (i.e. outside of disputes) will result in dismissal from the tournament.



1) Your match must be completed at the scheduled round time Under certain circumstances, Beyond staff holds the right to force a match result if a team violates rules or causes further issues.

2) If the 1st player in your heat does not show up, a Beyond staff member will host the lobby and invite the players in your heat.

3) A connection test is highly recommended to avoid issues during your scheduled match. Simply load a map that is not in your schedule. If you are having issues connecting to dedicated servers in Halo 5: Guardians, attempt to resolve your connection issues before your match begins. If the match is unplayable, please contact a Beyond Staff member by filing a dispute on Discord, Twitter, or private messages on Team Beyond.

4) Each player is given a maximum of ten minutes in between games in their match. Whether you’re taking a break, going to the restroom, or discussing strategy, after ten minutes, the game must be started, otherwise the players that are not ready to begin will forfeit that game.


1) Cheating or deliberately breaking rules in any way is strictly prohibited. If caught cheating, you will be permanently banned from the Beyond website and forum.

2) The use of any glitches are strictly prohibited unless specified on our "whitelist". Any other exploits may be disputed, but Beyond staff reserve the right to have final say in the matter.

3) If you believe an opponent is cheating, you must provide proof with your claim. The accused cheating is innocent until proven guilty. If you submit a deliberate false report, you may be banned.


1) If a player disconnects during the match, the game will continue and the player that disconnected may rejoin the game.

2) Abusing these rules by deliberately leaving matches or manipulating connections will lead to a ban.

3) If the player/host responsible for hosting the lobby in a tournament, starts the match before the designated round start time, that player/host of the lobby will be disqualified.

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