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ASTRONAUTS Star Circuit Qualifier #1 (12/2)

Congratulations to Spacestation Gaming for winning the tournament!

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Tournament Rules




1) Star Circuit qualifier tournaments will be seeded based on the seasonal point standings. Participate and place well in qualifiers to improve your seeding!

2) Players earn points on an individual basis and are permitted to change rosters between qualifier events.

3) The ASTRONAUTS Star Circuit is restricted to North American competitors.

4) If your team is chosen to play a match on stream, you will be contacted by Beyond admins/producers and provided info to join a streamed lobby. Ignoring staff messages or instructions may result in forfeiture of games. If a stream match is played off broadcast, Beyond reserves the right to void / reset match results.

5) When playing on a Beyond broadcast, RLCS and RLRS players' display names are required to match their official league tags / handles. Failure to comply with broadcast regulations will lead to an automatic forfeiture of matches and/or prizing.



1) All rules are subject to change at any time. All players must read and understand the rules before competing. In the event of any disputes, any member of Beyond Staff have final say in the matter.

2) Any spam or disrespectful messages towards Beyond staff may result in a ban or ejection from the tournament.

3) Brackets will be generated approximately 10 minutes before the official start time.



1) You must own your own Epic Games ID account used in Beyond tournaments. If you are caught sharing your account with another player, you will ejected from the tournament and are subject to a suspension/ban from the site.

2) Ineligible players on a roster subjects the team to an automatic forfeit. All players must have complete and accurate Epic Games ID's listed on their profile.

3) Players are only permitted to have one team per tournament. If you are caught evading this rule, all of your rosters will be disbanded.

4) Teams with inappropriate or vulgar names will be edited or removed from the tournament. Intentionally evading the filter is subject to additional punishment.



1) Each team/player has a total of 15 minutes to show up for their match. After 10 minutes, the first game is lost. After 5 more minutes, the entire match is forfeited.

2) If you cannot contact your opponents, players are missing, or the team stalls/causes delays, you may report a no-show by submitting a dispute from your match details page

3) Teams may agree to play matches ahead of the scheduled time if all players are ready. You may only play matches early if they have been published on the official bracket.

4) If a match is played that has not been published on the bracket, both teams are subject to ejection from the tournament.



1) The higher seeded team/player will host the entire match for official Rocket League tournaments. I.e. Team A (Seed 1) hosts and provides lobby info for Team B (Seed 16). The hosting team is responsible for using the correct match settings listed below.

2) The hosting team is responsible for adding the opponents Epic Games ID and providing lobby info. If you cannot contact your opponent via Epic Games ID, try our Discord server, private messages, or a dispute ticket from your match details page.

3) The higher seeded team must be play on the Orange team, while the lower seeded team must play on the Blue team.

4) Each team is given a maximum of five minutes in between games in their match. Whether you’re taking a break, going to the restroom, or discussing strategy, after 5 minutes, the next game must be started, otherwise the team that is not ready to begin will forfeit that game. For every five minutes that a team is not present to play in between games, they will forfeit an additional game.

5) Both opponents are required to report their match results from their match details page. Failure to submit results on time will lead to an automatic loss.

6) Deliberately not submitting results or submitting false reports will lead to an ejection from the tournament alongside additional punishments.

7) If you have any problems with your match, you must submit a dispute through your match details page or our Discord server.



1) The Rocket League private match settings are as follows:

  • Game Mode: Soccar

  • Arenas: DFH Stadium, Mannfield, Utopia Coliseum, Champions Field, Urban Central (Standard, Day, Dawn, & Night Variants)

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Mutator Settings: Default (Select “Restore to Defaults” to ensure mutator settings are correct.)

  • Region: US-East or US-West (Hosting team selects match server)

  • Joinable By: Name/Password

2) The Rocket League settings listed above are NOT allowed to be altered in any way unless specified by Beyond.

3) Tampering with rules or settings will result in an automatic forfeit for the current game.



1) If a player disconnects before the initial kickoff, the game must be restarted.

2) If a player disconnects or quits during the match, their team may continue at a player disadvantage, unless both teams agree to a full replay within the in-game chat.

3) If the player is capable of rejoining, the game will resume with no score or time changes.

4) If both parties cannot connect to each other, you must submit a dispute ticket so Beyond staff members can resolve the issue. Rulings will be handled on a case by case basis.

5) Abusing these rules by deliberately leaving matches or manipulating connections will lead to a ban.



1) Cheating or deliberately breaking rules in any way is strictly prohibited. If caught cheating, you will be permanently banned from the Beyond website and forum.

2) The use of any glitches are strictly prohibited unless specified on a whitelist. Any other exploits may be disputed, but Beyond staff reserve the right to have final say in the matter.

3) If you believe an opponent is cheating, you must provide proof with your claim. The accused cheating is innocent until proven guilty. If you submit a deliberate false report, you may be banned.

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