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ASTRO Legends $2K Apex 3v3 Odd-Man (4/24) - 7:00pm EST [XB1]

Congratulations to Varsity for winning the tournament!

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Tournament Rules




1) All rules are subject to change at any time. All players must read and understand the rules before competing. In the event of any disputes, any member of Beyond Staff have final say in the matter.

2) Any spam or disrespectful messages towards Beyond staff may result in a ban. Contacting or spamming Beyond Staff outside of official tournament channels (Disputes, Discord, etc.) will result in ejection from the tournament.

3) Brackets will be generated at approximately 10 minutes before the official start time.

4) ASTRO Legends Apex tournaments are Global events. Due to the nature of Apex Legends lobbies and matches, players must acknowledge and tolerate potential ping / connection disparities before entering an event.

5) Beyond reserves the right to promote highlights/gameplay on social media from player streams that feature tournament content.



1) All Xbox gamertags on the roster must be valid and must be owned by the respective player. Caught playing on another ID will lead to a ban.

2) Ineligible players or incorrect contact info on a roster will lead to automatic forfeit.

3) Players are only permitted to have one team per tournament. If you are caught evading this rule, you will be banned.

4) Teams with inappropriate or vulgar names will be locked. Intentionally evading the filter may result in a ban.

5) All players on a 3v3 roster (including Odd-Man) must be competing from the same region.

6) All players must have a minimum account level of 15 to compete in bracket. Playing on smurf accounts will lead to an automatic forfeit.



In 3v3 Odd-Man tournaments, each team selects one player to act as a solo representative of their team, playing alongside their opponents. Both lobbies feature a 2 / 1 split of players from the two competing teams. Each team's goal in a tournament match is to acquire the most combined kills among all three registered teammates.

(2) Team A Players + (1) Team B Player

(2) Team B Players + (1) Team A Player


  1. The Team Leader for each roster is required to send friend requests / invites to all players on the opposing team to initiate a tournament match.*
  2. The designated solo player for each team joins the opposing players in lobby. Once all 6 players have gathered in two lobbies, the official tournament match is ready to begin.
  3. All players begin their matchmaking queue. The first matchmaking game(s) to load in is treated as the official tournament game. Game restarts will not be approved except under rare circumstances or in the case of tie scores.
  4. Both teams play out their match, with the objective to collect as many kills as possible. Sabotaging players/opponents in a shared match is prohibited.
  5. After each match is complete, both teams are responsible for combining their total kills and comparing results. Solo players and Team Captains are required to take screenshots of both match results to prove a tournament win. Screenshots or substantial proof will be required to submit scores in the event of a dispute or conflicting results.**
  6. If teams are tied in kill counts, the team with greater damage dealt earns the match win.
  7. After the match is completed and a winner is determined, use your Tournament Profile to submit your win or loss on-site.

*If opponents do not accept invites within 15 minutes of the round start, a team captain may submit a dispute ticket to report a no-show. 

**If a team forgets to record results, leaves a matchmaking game early, or does not have proof of scores, they will forfeit any unrecorded kills from their team's total.



Combat: Solo players may agree to cooperate with their two opponents in order to secure kills, or may venture on their own to fight as a lone wolf.

Legends: Tournament matches will respect the random-order draft for Legend selection. Players are required to abide by available Legend selections once the tournament match has begun.

Jumpmaster / Drop Ship: Tournament matches will honor the random jumpmaster selection. Unfavorable drops do not warrant match replays or disputes. Players may also choose to relinquish the jumpmaster position or jump solo.

Sabotage: Players are forbidden from deliberately sabotaging their opponents within the shared matchmaking team. Primary cases of sabotage include revealing positions to enemies by shooting or excessive ability/equipment use. Excessive pings and loot stealing are not considered sabotage unless under extreme cases of misconduct.



1) Each team has a total of 15 minutes to show up for their match. If any of the three players fail to arrive on time, the match may be disputed/reported as a no-show.

2) If your opponent is not present at your match start time, please submit a dispute via your Match Details page – see your Tournament Profile for match info.

3) Teams may agree to play tournament matches ahead of schedule, but only when their match details have been published and are viewable on the bracket. Early matches played by full rosters listed on a bracket match will be treated as official tournament results.



1) If a player disconnects during a match, the match continues with the remaining players on both teams. If the disconnected player is able to provide proof of their kill count at the time of disconnect, their kills may still be added to their team's total.

2) If a player disconnects within the first 30 after landing in-game, a replay may be approved if the player provides video proof and submits a dispute ticket. If a player leaves a game within 30 seconds after landing due to extreme connection issues, a game replay will be provided if and only if substantial proof is recorded.

3) If both parties cannot connect to each other, you must submit a dispute ticket so Beyond staff members can resolve the issue.

4) Abusing these rules by deliberately leaving matches or manipulating connections will lead to ejection from the tournament and a ban from TeamBeyond.net.

5) Connection/disconnect rulings will be handled on a case-by-case basis.



1) Both teams are required to report their match results from their match details page. Failure to submit results on time will lead to an automatic loss.

2) Screenshots of the end-of-game results and kill counts must be ready and available in the case of conflicting scores or a match dispute.

3) Deliberately not submitting results or submitting false reports will lead to an ejection from the tournament and a ban from the site.

4) Under certain circumstances, Beyond staff holds the right to force a match result if a team violates rules or causes further issues.

5) If the match is unplayable, please contact a Beyond Staff member by filing a dispute on your Match Details page.



1) If you have any problems with your match, you must submit a dispute through your match details page or our official Discord channels.

2) Both teams are responsible for having valid proof in case of a dispute. This must be a high-quality screenshot or video of your match recorded via Xbox DVR or an external capture device.

3) Proof must be submitted through the dispute system. Tweets, private messages, DMs, etc. are not valid forms of proof/dispute submission.

4) Any disputes or proof you send through the dispute system must be clearly visible and understandable. You must include all of the relevant information. Failure to do this will lead to an invalid claim that will be dismissed. Incohoerent message spam will also result in ejection from the event.

5) Any video and photo evidence must be available on an easily accessed website such as YouTube, Imgur, or Twitter. Any links to file downloads will be ignored.

6) Losing a dispute in regards to cheating or tampering of any kind may lead to a ban. Submitting false reports will also lead to a ban from all events.



1) Cheating or deliberately breaking rules in any way is strictly prohibited. If caught cheating, players will be ejected from the tournament and banned from the site.

2) Game exploits that negatively affect the competitive environment of a tournament match may be recorded and submitted as a dispute. E.g. Out of bounds exploits, invulnerability,

3) If you believe an opponent is cheating, you must provide proof with your claim. The accused cheater is innocent until proven guilty. If you submit a deliberate false report, you will receive equivalent consequence/punishment.

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