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Beyond COD $1,000 Search & Destroy 2v2 (4/22) - 7:00pm EST [NA]

Congratulations to SpeedDemons for winning the tournament!

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Tournament Rules


1) All rules are subject to change at any time. All players must read and understand the rules before competing. In the event of any disputes, any member of Beyond Staff have final say in the matter.

2) You must use your own Playstation Network ID in official Beyond tournaments. If you are caught sharing your account with another player, you will be banned.

3) Beyond Call of Duty events are currently only available for North American competitors. Please view our Privacy Policy for more info on eligible regions.

4) Teams with inappropriate or vulgar names will be locked. Intentionally evading the filter may result in a ban.

5) Any spam or disrespectful messages towards Beyond staff may result in a ban.

6) Brackets will be generated at approximately 10 minutes before the official start time.

7) If your team advances to the Semi-Finals / Grand Finals of a tournament, you will be featured in our broadcasted matches and may not proceed in bracket until contacted by a tournament administrator to join the streamed lobby. Ignoring staff invites or playing matches off-stream may result in DQ.



The higher seeded team (seed # closer to 0) is responsible for organizing the initial lobby and inviting opponents, as well as utilizing the correct map, gametype, and tournament settings.

Hosting Order:

  • Game 1 (Higher Seed)
  • Game 2 (Lower Seed)
  • Game 3 (Higher Seed)



Players are required to organize matches using the World League hub menus in Black Ops 4. The higher seeded team will open a World League custom game and is required to enable the following gametype, settings, and the round-appropriate map.

Gametype & Rules

If an item/setting is not listed below, it does not need to be modified from the default menu options. Recorded tampering of in-game rules or settings will result in an automatic forfeit for the current game.

Base Gametype:

  • CWL Search & Destroy

S&D Settings - Gameplay

  • Reveal Fog of War: Disabled

Specialist Settings - Cooldowns

  • Specialist Weaponry: Disabled

  • Equipment: Disabled



The following weapons and items are banned from competitive play in Beyond Call of Duty events. If your opponents utilize one of these restricted items in a match, record proof and submit a dispute to confirm the rule infraction.

All Default World League Custom Games (CWL S&D) Restrictions Apply

Banned Weapons

  • All Shotguns

  • All Tactical Rifles

  • All LMGs

  • All Launchers

  • All Black Market / Loot Weapons & Items

Banned Equipment

  • All Equipment Disabled

Banned Scorestreaks

  • All Scoresteraks are banned in tournament matches.
  • Recorded use of a scorestreak will result in forfeiture of the round or match. Please deselect your streaks before entering a custom game.

Banned Gear

  • Body Armour

Banned Attachments

  • Threat Detector

Banned Wildcards

  • All Perk Gluttony(s)

"Snaking" technique is prohibited

Recorded proof will result in forfeiture of match.



1) Each player/team has a total of 15 minutes to show up for their match. After 10 minutes, the first map is lost. After 15 minutes, the full series is forfeited.

2) If your opponent is not present at your match start time, please submit a dispute via your Match Details page – see your Tournament Profile for match info.

3) Teams may agree to play tournament matches ahead of schedule if ahead of the bracket, but must always adhere to times for broadcasted matches/lobbies.



1) Both teams are required to report their match results. Failure to submit results in time will lead to an automatic loss.

2) Deliberately not submitting results or submitting false reports will lead to a ban or team lock.

3) Your match must be completed unless both teams agree to cancel the match. Under certain circumstances, Beyond staff holds the right to force a match result if a team violates rules or causes further issues.

4) If the match is unplayable, please contact a Beyond Staff member by filing a dispute on your Match Details page.



1) If you have any problems with your match, you must submit a dispute through the Beyond website or our official Discord channels.

2) Both teams are responsible for having valid proof in case of a dispute. This can be a screenshot of the match score or a video recording.

3) Proof must be submitted through the dispute system.

4) Any disputes or proof you send through the dispute system must be clearly visible and understandable. You must include all of the relevant information. Failure to do this will lead to an invalid claim that will be dismissed.

5) Any video and photo evidence must be available on an easily accessed website such as YouTube, Imgur, or Twitter. Any links to file downloads will be ignored.

6) Losing a dispute in regards to cheating or tampering of any kind may lead to a ban.

7) Submitting a false report will lead to a ban.



1) Cheating or deliberately breaking rules in any way is strictly prohibited. If caught cheating, you will be permanently banned from the Beyond website and forum.

2) The use of any glitches are strictly prohibited unless specified on a whitelist. Any other exploits may be disputed, but Beyond staff reserve the right to have final say in the matter.

3) If you believe an opponent is cheating, you must provide proof with your claim. The accused cheating is innocent until proven guilty. If you submit a deliberate false report, you may be banned.

4) Use of restricted items and weapons will lead to forfeiture of current game or match.



1) If a player disconnects during a match, their team forfeits the game or must play with one player, unless both teams agree to replay the same game. If a player disconnects before the first kill of the match, the game is restarted.

2) Unstable connections may be disputed if a player's internet is dramatically affecting the competitive environment. If a player leaves a game due to poor connection, they must immediately record video proof and submit a dispute ticket from the match details page to notify admins of the match issues.

3) Outside of connection disputes or rule infractions, players are not permitted to leave games or disrupt their opponents momentum in a tournament match.

4) The default result of leaving/disconnecting from a game is forfeiture of the match. Map/series continuations will be approved by Beyond Staff on a case-by-case basis and must be requested via Dispute tickets from players.

5) If both parties cannot connect to each other, you must submit a dispute ticket so Beyond staff members can resolve the issue. Rulings will be handled on a case by case basis.

6) Abusing these rules by deliberately leaving matches or manipulating connections will lead to a ban.



1) All PSN ID's on the roster must be valid and must be owned by the respective player. Caught playing on another ID will lead to a ban.

2) Ineligible players on a roster will lead to automatic forfeit.

3) Players are only permitted to have one team per tournament. If you are caught evading this rule, you will be banned.

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