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Montage Editors?

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Hey all,


I'm currently starting to look for an editor for an H2A only montage.

I've combed through all of the similar topics and saw little success with others, but figured I'd give this a shot anyway.


I'm aiming to have between 35-50 clips, and only need a few more to satisfy my need for even map diversity(~7 clips for each H2A map). Clips are Overkill and up only with 2 exceptions because they're tied to other multis. 

Currently have:

Triple: 2

Overkills: 28

Killtac: 7

Jaro: 1


I have no editing skills nor any soft of reliable software so I am willing to pay for a good editor while allowing for some creative input.


Thanks for your time!

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I posted here several months ago with the same topic, but everyone here says to go to The Halo Forum to locate an editor. That didnt work, so I posted on Halo Waypoint and found one after waiting a while.

Might try both of those websites.

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Kind of depends on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something that is free that will be a little more slim pickings. Most people who will edit for free are picked up by the majority of other people who are looking for the same thing.

If you are willing to pay an amount find an editor that you think would be comfortable paying what you want to pay to have the montage made (if you want some crazy editing its going to cost, if you want something laid back and sync'd good it will be cheaper).

But a lot of editors hang out at TheHaloForum so its a better place to start or you could check out Mudkip ^ they seem up for the task.

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