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Rage Warehouse. Coming soon...

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Hi guys! I've been a part of the Halo community for a long while now and wanted to share something with you guys. 


 RAGE Is a clothing company a close friend of mine and I have been working on for about 8 months now. He's a football coaching, fourwheeling, redneck Air Force vet and I'm a video game playing, tennis playing, skateboarding, graphic designer. So naturally we've not got a whole lot in common, but that's the glory of Rage we try to tie in multiple types of lifestyles.

For now, the only Rage branches we've released are: OutRage our punk esque clothing, RageQuit our gaming clothing, EnRage our motocross clothing, and LeveRage our weightlifting clothing/gear. 

Rage isn't just about making money for us. It's about giving back to the communities that we're either a part of or huge fans of.
What I really want to see Rage become is a powerhouse for sponsorships. I'm talking gamers, motocross racers, powerlifters, etc... Not everyone has the money to travel to competitions.
Especially young competitors. Between school, work, and spending all of their free time practicing the one thing they're so passionate about that they want to compete in, it can be pretty stressful.
These people aren't recognized nearly enough, and that's one of our top goals here, not only bringing all of these target audiences together with a clothing brand but also to support their endeavors, because no matter how different we are we all have one thing in common, we live to compete.

Our website is in it's infancy so we welcome all feedback. I also implore you to follow us on Twitter @Ragewarehouse were we will be posting most of our website updates and more information on our upcoming Kickstarter! (We're also on Facebook!) We planned on having our Kickstarter promo video completed this month, but the south is currently under water so once all of this seemingly endless rain clears, we'll be back to production!

Thank you all for your time, have a great day.

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